CGF: The Silvester v. Harris Appeal – Part IV: The Amici in Support of Silvester, et al.

Calguns Foundation reports again on the Silvester v. Harris case:

Here, we discuss the pro-Second Amendment amici in support of Jeff Silvester and the other Plaintiffs/Respondents. Two notable and informative amici briefs were filed in support of upholding the District Court’s ruling:

  1. A brief on the law and history by California Rifle and Pistol Association and Gun Owners of California (brief by attorneys C.D. Michel, Clinton Monfort, and Anna Barvir of Michel & Associates, P.C.); and,
  2. A brief on empirical evidence and the opposing amici’s erroneous citation to various studies by Crime Prevention Research Center (brief by CRPC’s Dr. John Lott and attorney George Lee of Seiler, Epstein, Ziegler, and Applegate).

The California Rifle & Pistol Association and Gun Owners of California brief brought additional constitutional perspective to the table, reinforcing Plaintiffs/Respondents arguments that there is no broad constitutional exemption for “longstanding” regulations and that the WPL are not “narrowly tailored” enough to survive appropriate constitutional scrutiny.

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