Breitbart: WikiLeaks: Clinton Campaign Discards Shootings that do not Further Gun Control Agenda

We always knew they used shootings for their political ambitions. Now we have the proof.

Via Breitbart:

An email contained in WikiLeaks’ ongoing releases from John Podesta’s email account shows Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff discarding shootings that fail to further the gun control agenda.
Case in point is the shooting death of black teen Jordan Davis, who was killed by a white adult male.

In an email exchange dated January 14, 2016, Clinton campaign staffers are trying to figure out which shootings to highlight in a gun control essay intended to appeal to mothers. The essay, written by Marie Claire, was in draft form at the time emails were being exchanged, and Clinton had been asked to contribute to it.

As a result, staffers were trying to decide whether to include Davis’ shooting death or discard it.

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