Breitbart: Mets pitcher says he was duped into wearing gun control shirt

AWR Hawkins for Breitbart reports:

On June 2, Breitbart News reported that the New York Mets joined with Michael Bloomberg and Piers Morgan in a “Wear Orange” push for gun control by publishing photos of the team and staff wearing orange.

On June 3, Mets’ Pitcher Dillon Gee responded—via Twitter—to make sure everyone knows he did not wear the shirt for gun control and does not support the Bloomberg/Morgan cause.

Gee tweeted: “This is not why i put on that shirt this day. I in no way support Bloomberg/Morgan or gun control.”

When a fan tweeted back to ask why he wore the shirt, Gee responded: “Was told it was in support of raising awareness for gun violence. I don’t support senseless gun violence. That’s all.”

Gun control movements have co-opted such phrases as “gun safety” and “gun violence” as a way to soften the negative reactions from Americans to the anti-Second Amendment substance of their campaigns.

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