Breitbart: Gun Stores Face Financial Ruin over Massachusetts ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

Via Breitbart:

On July 20, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey (D) issued a directive expanding the state’s “assault weapons” ban to cover sales of weapons that had previously been interpreted as outside the ban.

Now the ban on firearms with certain cosmetic features — “flash suppressors and folding or telescoping stocks” — also includes those that lack these. This means firearms that gun manufacturers reworked to achieve state compliance cannot be sold in Massachusetts any longer.

Mark Bouchard — owner of Shooting Supplies in Westport — said the expanded ban will “take away 20 or 25 percent of his business” immediately.

Troy City Tactical’s Jim Czarn pointed out that Attorney General Healey has yet to issue a list of “common-wealth approved firearms,” which is complicating matters further by making gun manufacturers hesitate to ship firearms to Massachusetts’s gun stores. Czarn’s frustration is magnified by the fact that Healey expanded the check at a time when FBI stats show that no murders are being committed with rifles of any kind in the state of Massachusetts.

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