Breitbart: Good Guy with a Gun Stops SC School Shooting

But the anti-gunners always say a good guy with a gun is never the solution…

Via Breitbart:

More details on the September 28 Townville Elementary Shooting have emerged, and they show that a good guy with a gun stopped the shooter in his tracks after two students and one teacher had been wounded.

The good guy was volunteer firefighter Jamie Brock, who was at a “nearby farm” when he heard reports of the shooting. Armed, he raced to the school and “confronted Jesse Osborne,” the 14-year-old accused of killing his father then going to the school and shooting two 6-year-old boys and a teacher. One of the boys–Jacob Hall–died from his wounds on Saturday.

WYFF reports that Brock reached “the elementary school moments before other officers could respond to a 911 call.” Fire Chief Billy McAdams accompanied Brock and told reporters that Brock “took the shooter down.” But McAdams did not mention that Brock had a gun. It has since been confirmed that he did.

There is no confirmation on how Brock utilized the firearm–whether he fired at Osborne, held Osborne at gunpoint, or simply had his hand on the handle of the holstered gun to show he was ready to draw if the attack did not end. Either way, Brock ended the attack.

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