Breitbart: Americans Bought 17,850 Tons of Imported Ammo in Last 12 Months

Ammo imports are looking to set a record.

Via Breitbart:

As gun sales have skyrocketed over the past 19 months, ammunition sales have also surged, with “17,850 tons” of imported ammunition being sold in the past 12 months.
That is nearly 18,000 tons of ammo in a year’s time and approximately “2,865 tons of bullets” that were imported in November alone.

CNN Money pointed to figures from research firm Panjiva, which show ammunition imports for last month were up 200% over where they were a year ago. Panjiva’s Chris Rogers said, “It’s very unusual in an import industry like this to see such a big move. It tells you that there’s a customer demand that’s not being met by U.S. manufacturers.”

Panjiva identifies the top foreign importer as “Poongsan Corp.” of South Korea. “Fiocchi Munizioni of Italy and Prvi Partizan of Serbia” are next in line, as far as foreign ammunition importers go.

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