Boston Herald: Mayor Walsh: ‘No need for long guns’ for Boston patrol officers

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh attacked the use of long guns for police officers on patrol despite calls by police unions to be better armed in case of crises. Three of Boston’s police unions wrote a letter this week blasting President Obama for his lack of support of law enforcement. Via the Boston Herald:

Mayor Martin J. Walsh today said he will not support routine use of long guns for patrol officers in Boston’s neighborhoods — contrary to demands by the city’s police unions for heavier armor and weapons — contending such weaponry should be kept in reserve for crisis situations.

“There is absolutely no need for a long gun to be walked around the streets of Boston,” Walsh said on Friday. “But you need to have it available in the case of a sniper situation or hostage situation or something like that where they are effective.”

The city’s three police unions sent a letter to Walsh and Police Commissioner William Evans yesterday demanding more ammo, armor and guns and blasting President Obama and Gov. Charlie Baker for what they characterized as a lack of support for police.

Today, Walsh criticized some of the language in the letter and the attacks on the president and governor, saying they distracted from concerns raised about officer safety.

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