Bill to restrict unlawful firearm seizure

The Ohio legislature is apparently considering SB 142, a bill that would “prohibit any agency and its employees and agents from seizing or authorizing the seizure of any firearm from any person lawfully in possession or control of the firearm…” As Erik Martin for the Daily Advocate writes:

The bill would also prohibit “the establishment of a firearm registry” and prevents law enforcement officers from “enforcing a firearms registration requirement or firearm ban.”

When asked why he saw became a cosponsor of the bill, Senator Beagle responded, “There are scenarios that exist where law enforcement seizes firearms but does not return them. The big example is in New Orleans, during Hurricane Katrina [in 2005].”

Beagle added, “This is a preemptive measure so that this doesn’t happen in Ohio. The legislation is aimed at protecting citizens from government regulations that infringe on their Second Amendment right.”

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