KHSD Board Allows Teachers to Carry Guns on Campus

Kern High School District just voted in favor of allowing campus carry for teachers!


Kern High School District trustees voted 3-2 Thursday to allow teachers and certificated staffers with Concealed Carry Weapon permits to bring guns to campuses.

Trustees Jeff Flores and Bryan Batey voted no, while Trustees Mike Williams, Phillip Peters and Chad Vegas voted yes. The trio of supporters said having more guns at high schools would create safer environments for students.

“I’ve made my beliefs pretty clear. This is a step toward making our campuses safer for students and staff,” said Peters, who sat on the committee exploring the issue and has long been a proponent of the policy. “I don’t always know what the right decision is, but I do believe this is the best direction.”

 The policy passed without any administrative regulations attached, despite trustees having tasked administrators with months of research on the matter. There are no guidelines on how to roll out the policy, direction on who would be able to carry a concealed weapon, or discussion of what requirements will be considered.

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