Australian stand-up comic mocks America’s Second Amendment

Ana Swanson for the Washington Post shared a link to a video of an Australian stand-up comedian and his comments regarding the Second Amendment. She writes:

Australian comedian Jim Jefferies says in a hilarious stand-up routine, the real reason gun owners want guns is just because they like them. That’s okay, but it doesn’t mean that guns should be legal, Jefferies says. Some people like taking drugs or driving at 100 miles an hour, and can be perfectly safe and responsible while doing so, but other irresponsible people have ruined those things for them.

Jefferies’ routine offers a window into how American attitudes toward guns look to many people outside of the U.S.

Humor aside, the fundamental right to keep and bear arms doesn’t depend on what “people outside the U.S.” think about it. It’s a constitutional and civil right that “shall not be infringed.”

If you’re interested, you can watch the video below: