Armed robber targets medical patient, who pulls own gun on him

Fox 4 News reports:

A robber, armed with a gun, targets a dialysis patient outside a medical building. He had some second thoughts after he meets the would-be victim who is carrying a gun himself.

It was 4:45 Monday morning. The 49-year-old patient from Waterford pulls into a parking spot off Dixie Highway near M-15. He was headed for Davita Dialysis when he gets a bit of a detour.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office said a young man stepped out of a wooded area next to the property and walked right up to the man’s car. He demanded his wallet and pulled out a revolver.

The man pulled his own gun out and asked the suspect one question: “Do you really want to do this?”

The answer, apparently, was no. Investigators said he told the would-be victim to have a nice day before hightailing it back to the trees.

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