Anti-Gun Researcher Uses Senior Citizens to Promote Gun Confiscation

Shannon Frattaroli, a researcher at the John Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, recently wrote a report alleging that senior citizens are at danger by owning guns and that the California’s Gun Violence Restraining Orders should be used as an avenue to confiscate their guns. Frattaroli claims the elderly are more likely to harm themselves or a grandchild than by using their firearm in self defense than younger gun owners.

Via Breitbart:

She indicates lawmakers in many states have enacted laws requiring older Americans to show proficiency before being allowed to continue driving, but points out that laws requiring proficiency in firearms are not a topic of discussion. Instead, such citizens continue to own guns and cite self-defense as a common reason for so doing.

But Frattaroli believes the dangers posed by armed older citizens far outweighs any safety they otherwise gain by owning firearms. She said:

Older adults need to consider the risk whether an actual home invasion is likely to occur, versus the likelihood that the [older] person would use that gun to do harm to themselves, or a grandchild would find that gun, or they would harm someone coming into the home who’s not there for a home invasion, someone there for a legitimate purpose like a caretaker.

She ultimately cites California’s GVROs as a way that concerned family members can have guns taken from older family members.

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