Ammoland: Brady Campaign vs Chuck’s Gun Shop

Ammoland reports:

For a several years the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) has been urging its members to support Chuck’s Gun Shop in Riverdale against accusations by Jesse Jackson Sr, Fr. Michael Pfleger, ICHV and the Brady Campaign.

Each time Chuck’s Gun Shop & Pistol Range is targeted, a few members will write to the ISRA and question the strategy of defending this shop?

The Brady Campaign has an ultimate mission to ban private ownership of firearms.

Their stated purpose and their names have changed several times over the years, but gun banners have one long term goal, and that’s banning your firearms and seeing them confiscated and destroyed. Americans now know that they really do have a right to keep and bear arms, so Brady no longer outwardly talks about their complete ban. No matter what the new catchphrase is, whether it’s “Gun Violence Prevention” or “Gun Safety Advocacy”, Brady has a smoke screen of lies to hide their real agenda. This year, the latest theme they have cooked up is “Bad Apple Dealers.”

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