ABC13: Virginia Tech Student Protesting to Change Gun Ban on Campus

A hunger strike for the Second Amendment.

Via ABC13:

A Virginia Tech student has one day until he can eat again. It’s part of a protest to draw attention to the campus ban on guns.

Five years ago, the State Supreme Court decided that schools could decide if they want to allow guns on campus.

Virginia Tech said no.

Now, a student is asking them to reconsider.

Ryan James Martin is on a hunger fast until the State of the University speech on Friday or until President Tim Sands gives him a meeting, but Martin said he isn’t holding his breath. “It’s been nine months since I initially contacted President Sands office and he hasn’t replied, so take that as you will in terms of his commitment to university safety,” he said.

Tech said all gun matters would go through the Vice President of Administration, who Martin already met with.

“It was a really informal meeting. We drove around for 45 minutes in his pickup. And basically we agreed to disagree when he told me that he doesn’t think the majority of Virginia Tech students are “mature enough to carry on campus,'” Martin said.

Martin said given Tech’s history, concealed carry could have saved lives.

“About 170 rounds were able to be fired within 10 minutes while 32 hokies were murdered before law enforcement arrived and they had nothing to defend themselves other than the desks they were sitting in,” Martin said.

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