Connecticut Homicide Rate

Fact checking claims regarding connecticut gun law’s effectiveness

Jazz Shaw for reports: There’s a gun control piece up at the Washington Post this weekend with one of the most definitive titles imaginable. Gun killings fell by 40 percent after Connecticut passed this law. Well, that’s just got to be some great news... Read More Showdown for bill to curtail gun speech in California schools

Chris Eger for reports: An expansive proposal termed dangerous by gun rights advocates to both First and Second Amendment rights is up for an important vote in the California Assembly. The bill, which could allow many expressions that include the use of a gun... Read More

Texas school campuses consider gun-free zones

Brandon Mulder for the Midland Reporter-Telegram reports: Last weekend Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a highly controversial bill into law that will allow the carrying of handguns on higher education campuses. Now Permian Basin colleges and universities will begin mulling over how they’ll implement the... Read More

Democratic Congressman introduces bill to ban loaded firearms in airports reports today on a new bill being introduced by Democratic Representative Hank Johnson: Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Georgia) introduced a bill that would ban loaded firearms in pre-security areas of airports. Currently, federal law only bars people from carrying armed guns past security checkpoints. Until... Read More
An employee of Armatix poses for photogr

NSSF Vice President: Caution needed on legislation for nascent ‘smart gun’ technology

In a recent opinion piece in The Hill, Lawrence Keane the Senior Vice President for the National Shooting Sports Foundation said: The Hill’s June 2 article “Dems push smart tech handgun rules” highlights only half of the conversation surrounding the two bills introduced recently by... Read More

California: Circuit court to hear oral arguments on gun rights case

Howard Mintz for San Jose Mercury News reports: In a hearing set for Tuesday in San Francisco, a special 11-judge federal appeals court panel will consider whether to side with the gun lobby’s effort to dramatically loosen California’s restrictions on carrying concealed firearms. While the... Read More

Bloomberg funded journalism site to “change the conversation about guns”

Paul Bedard for the Washington Examiner reports: A new “journalism startup” funded by anti-gun advocate Michael Bloomberg debuts this week promising to change the debate on guns in America — though the direction is a secret. In Washington, where the site will be unveiled at... Read More GOP resisting Obama’s executive abuse with ‘gun riders’

Brendan Pringle for reports: Republicans are fighting back against the Obama administration’s utter disregard for the Second Amendment. As the appeal of gun control legislation continues to lose its luster, GOP lawmakers are pushing to reverse numerous controversial gun regulations from the the administration... Read More

Oregon legislature considering concealed carry reciprocity bill

According to a recent editorial in The Register-Guard, The criteria to qualify for a concealed handgun license vary widely from state to state. Oregon’s standards should be tougher, but they at least include restrictions barring applicants with felony convictions, dishonorable military discharges and diagnosed mental... Read More

Rasmussen Reports: Americans Prefer Living in Neighborhoods With Guns

A new survey of likely voters, conducted by Rasmussen Reports found: American Voters overwhelming prefer living in a neighborhood where they have the option of owning a gun than to live where nobody is allowed to be armed. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds... Read More