Gun rights benefited Black Americans during the civil rights movement and still do

Sheldon Richman for reports: Dylann Roof’s racially motivated murders of nine black churchgoers have brought predictable calls for new restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms. How ironic this is we shall soon see. Advocates of gun rights argue that the best... Read More

VIDEO: Anti-gun Poughkeepsie Councilman loses control, tells community member to “shut up”

On June 15, Councilman Joseph Rich blew his top during a meeting of the Common Council for the City of Poughkeepsie, New York, following a presentation on the Proposed Ordinance for Mandatory Storage of Firearms: The Negative Impact Upon Lawful Resident Gun Owners by a Poughkeepsie resident and Christopher Zalenski,... Read More ‘Strongest firearms preemption statute in the country’ overturned by court

Chris Eger for reports: A controversial Pennsylvania bill signed by Gov. Tom Corbett (R) last year which allows third parties to sue municipalities over local gun codes stronger than the state’s was overturned Thursday. The measure, backed by gun rights groups, squeaked through the... Read More

Florida Today: Convicted home invader, shot by homeowner, gets life in prison

J.D. Gallop for Florida Today reports: A 27-year-old Melbourne man with a lengthy criminal history has been sentenced to life in prison after police said he organized a military-styled home invasion that ended with him being shot by a homeowner. A jury convicted Bobby Lee... Read More

Bernie Sanders admits that gun control won’t solve all our problems

David Sherfinski for The Washington Times reports: Sen. Bernard Sanders of Vermont, a 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, says he’s supportive of certain gun control measures but that they’re not a cure-all and that it’s important for people in urban areas to understand the cultural ties... Read More

Democratic Congressman introduces bill to expand background checks (VIDEO)

U.S. Rep. Don Beyer has introduced legislation to expand background checks for firearm sales. Read the full story at Read More

John Lott: the myth of American gun violence

John Lott, an American political commentator and gun rights advocate, recently published a piece in the New York Daily News saying: In the wake of the murders in Charleston, President Obama has made more exaggerations and false claims about gun violence in America. He made... Read More

Breitbart: Armed Domino’s driver turns tables, shoots alleged robbers

AWR Hawkins for Breitbart reports: On June 24, a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver was approached by two alleged robbers who demanded his money. The driver pulled his gun and opened fire, killing one of the suspects. The incident occurred in Hollywood, Florida, “Just after midnight.”... Read More

David Rosman: Defining responsible gun laws is very tricky

David Rosman a columnist for the Missourian writes: I do not want to take guns away from the citizens of our state or nation. That is a fool’s errand at best. ….Hillary Clinton wants to do what the president has been unable to do in... Read More What to do when facing evil

Greg Camp for reports: By this point, readers of this site are surely very aware of the murders committed in Charleston, South Carolina.  Predictably, the usual cast of politicians and advocates have leapt on the incident with demands for more gun control….The killing of... Read More