New Jersey gun rights group seeking Sweeney recall scrambles to find new rally location after venue cancels

Spencer Kent for reports: A pro-gun rights group was scrambling late Friday afternoon after it was told it could no longer use the Mantua Township venue the group claims it reserved two months ago for a rally to kick off a recall effort against state... Read More

Republican lawmakers ‘anticipate’ they will appeal controversial gun law decision in Pa. Supreme Court

Christian Alexandersen for reports: Republican lawmakers expect to challenge a Commonwealth Court decision that found a GOP-backed gun law passed late last year was unconstitutional, according to staff. The law, Act 192 of 2014, allowed any legal gun owner to sue municipalities over gun regulations and... Read More

BREAKING: Another Federal Circuit Court Unravels Second Amendment Gun Rights

(Denver, Colorado) – In yet another decision that thumbs its nose at the Supreme Court’s landmark D.C. v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago rulings, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals held today that the Second Amendment does not protect gun rights outside of one’s home.... Read More Vermont now 41st state to allow civilian ownership of suppressors

Chris Eger for reports: Democratic Gov. Peter Shumlin signed a Fish and Wildlife bill last week that included language to legalize suppressors and repeal one of the oldest bans in the nation on the devices. The bill was introduced to the House in February... Read More
STOP AB 1134

FPC Files Strong Opposition to California Assembly Bill 1134

Firearms Policy Coalition has filed an updated letter of opposition to California Assembly Bill 1134, an anti-gun proposal by Assemblymember Mark Stone. The bill was recently amended, prompting FPC to substantively address the many new problems AB 1134 would create. As our letter explains, California’s... Read More

FPC Files Conditional Support for California Assembly Bill 950

On Tuesday, Firearms Policy Coalition filed a letter of conditional support for California’s Assembly Bill 950, by Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez. This bill would amend the law to allow a person subject to a gun violence restraining order or an individual otherwise prohibited from owning a... Read More

Charles Krauthammer: Gun control is Democrat “go-to, knee-jerk solution”

Charles Krauthammer for the Washington Post writes: After a massacre like the one at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, our immediate reaction is to do something. Something, for politicians, means legislation. And for Democratic politicians, this means gun control. It’s the all-purpose, go-to, knee-jerk solution. Within... Read More
Former Democratic Congresswoman Giffords

New Jersey gun control bill supported by Gabby Giffords is on Governor Christie’s desk

Matt Friedman for reports: A new gun control measure that was pushed by former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords is now on Gov. Chris Christie’s desk. The state Senate and state Assembly on Thursday both voted to approve a bill (A4218) that would require judges... Read More Legal case aims to protect gun rights for U.S. citizens overseas

Chris Eger for reports: A federal appeals court breathed new life into a case challenging the ban on gun sales to Americans living abroad. The case, Dearth v. Lynch, takes up the argument of Canadian resident Stephen Dearth that was ruled against previously by... Read More

Uber driver robbed by armed gunman following company announcement of “gun-free” policy

Tina Moore and Thomas Tracy for New York Daily News report: A man with a rifle robbed an Uber driver after he was picked up in Queens early Thursday, officials said. The 30-year-old driver for the app-powered car provider was on 67th Ave. and Burns... Read More