Georgia sheriff calls for change in department policy to provide every officer with a concealed carry weapon

ABC News Channel 9 reports: DeKalb County Sheriff Jimmy Harris has announced he wants to change gun policy at the department, to allow for all deputies to carry a concealed weapon wherever they go. Sheriff Harris released this statement, which NewsChannel 9 has not edited….... Read More
Gov. Chris Christie

Gov. Chris Christie says U.S. doesn’t need to pass more gun laws

Matt Arco for reports: In his first trip to conservative South Carolina since announcing his presidential campaign, Gov. Chris Christie drew a hard line on firearms and declared the United States doesn’t need “more gun laws on the books.” The Republican governor — speaking in Hilton... Read More

House Republicans move to prevent Adminstration’s attack on gun rights of Social Security recipients

Chris Eger for reports: Republicans in the House launched a two-pronged attack this week to derail a reported White House plan to scrap the gun rights of up to 4.2 million on Social Security. A plan detailed last week could see those who receive... Read More

Georgia veteran defends gas station clerk, fires on armed robber

Wright Gazaway for WALB News reports: An Army veteran speaks, out after firing three shots at an armed robber in Sycamore. The store clerk says Don Rogers may have saved his life. Investigators left the gas station Friday afternoon, with glass was shattered earlier from  Rogers’... Read More

SAF rips President’s plan attack gun rights of Social Security recipients

The Second Amendment Foundation responded today to Obama’s plans to attack Social Security recipients’ gun rights: “This could possibly disqualify millions of people from owning firearms and might prevent many others from seeking help,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb, himself... Read More

MilitaryTimes: After Chattanooga, ‘DoD does not support arming all personnel’

Leo Shane III and Andrew Tilghman for Military Times report: Following last week’s murder of five service members in a violent and still-unexplained shooting spree in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the Defense Department once again has found itself in the midst of a broader national feud about... Read More Armed citizens stand guard at military recruitment centers

Jennifer Cruz for reports: Following an attack at a recruiting centerand reserve station in Chattanooga, Tennessee, last week that left five people dead, residents across the country are taking it upon themselves to do what they can to protect the servicemen and women working... Read More

Murder rate drops as concealed carry increases in U.S.

Alex Newman for The New American reports: The number of Americans carrying concealed firearms has exploded in recent years, and contrary to the narratives and fearmongering peddled by anti-gun-rights activists, the sky did not fall. In fact, according to the most recent data, not only... Read More
Michael Bloomberg

Everytown supports new legislation to expand background checks to stop “Charleston Loophole”

Chris Eger from reports: In a move Second Amendment organizations paint as pushing a backdoor gun grab, Everytown has made a six-figure ad buy in support of gun control legislation. The group, funded in large part by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, aims... Read More

The Hill: Gun control group presses for new background check law

Ben Kamisar for The Hill reports: A major gun control group is calling on Congress to strengthen background checks by adopting a law it says would have prevented the man who killed nine people last month at a South Carolina church from obtaining a gun.... Read More