AND THEN THERE WERE 3: California Senate Democrats introduce third “assault weapon” gun ban bill of 2016

SACRAMENTO – Yesterday, two California Senators joined forces to introduce the third gun control bill of 2016 that would increase the scope of the state’s already expansive ban on so-called “assault weapons.” Senate Bill 880, authored by Senators Isadore Hall, III (D – Compton) and Steve... Read More

BREAKING: Firearms Policy Coalition Opposes Yet Another “Assault Weapon” Ban Bill by Bay Area Democrats

SACRAMENTO – Paternalistic Bay Area Democrats have introduced yet another bill to expand California’s so-called “assault weapons” laws and target innocent Californians with harsh criminal penalties. Assembly Bill 1664, authored by Assemblymembers Marc Levine and Phil Ting, “would define ‘detachable magazine’ to mean an ammunition... Read More

BREAKING: Firearms Policy Coalition Announces Opposition to New “Assault Weapons” Ban

Assembly Bill 1663 would “expand the classification of assault weapons” to include “Bullet Button” firearms SACRAMENTO – Today, Firearms Policy Coalition announced its opposition to a new gun control bill that would expand the reach of California’s ban on so-called “assault weapons” to all semi-automatic... Read More

Breitbart: Gun Control Celebrities Attend Golden Globes with Benefit of Heavily Armed Guards

Who were all these good guys with handguns, AR-15s, “high capacity” magazines, and armored vehicles protecting? They were protecting some of the most anti-gun celebrities in Hollywood. In other words, celebrities like Amy Schumer–who spent the fall pushing gun control with her cousin Senator Chuck... Read More

The Blaze: White House Response Following Philadelphia Cop Shooting: More Gun Control

The White House Monday withheld judgment on whether the shooting of a Philadelphia police officer last week was an act of terrorism. However, spokesman Josh Earnest was clear that President Barack Obama’s policy to restrict access to guns would be one means to prevent similar... Read More

Wave Newspapers: Southland officials support Obama’s stance on guns

Democratic leaders and local officials in Los Angeles hailed President Barack Obama’s executive gun measures Jan. 5, saying policies to increase background checks for gun purchases and other steps will help reduce gun violence, while pro-gun groups called the actions an overreach of presidential powers.... Read More

The Blaze: ‘American Sniper’ Widow Taya Kyle Takes on Obama at Town Hall on Guns: ‘We Cannot Outlaw Murder’

The widow of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle confronted President Barack Obama Thursday night, challenging the president on the effectiveness of gun control legislation and asking why he doesn’t more often note that violent crime has decreased during his presidency. “I don’t know that any of... Read More

Fresno Bee: Obama’s plan already the law in California, gun-rights advocates say

In his speech outlining a series of proposals targeting mass shootings and gun violence, the president called for anyone “in the business” of selling firearms to get a license and conduct background checks of buyers. Barry Bauer, of Herb Bauer Sporting Goods in Fresno, pointed... Read More

Capital Public Radio: California Lawmakers Prep Gun Control Bills

As President Obama looks to tighten federal gun laws, Democratic lawmakers in California are pushing their own proposals. Democratic Assemblyman Mike Gatto, who represents Glendale, wants people on the government’s no-fly list to also be banned from buying guns in California. “We could do things... Read More

KCRA: Obama is the best gun salesman in America

President Obama has proven, once again, that he’s the greatest gun salesman in America. Obama’s call for more gun control has accelerated the recent surge in gun sales that began last month with the mass shooting in San Bernardino that claimed 14 lives. “Tremendous, literally... Read More