Fox 11: San Bernardino supervisor: Residents should carry guns to prevent terror attacks

First district supervisor Robert Lovingood says he wants to arm all eligible citizens in San Bernardino county…. Especially county workers. In light of the mass shooting terror attacks at the Inland Regional Center, Lovingood is urging local San Bernardino residents to sign up to get... Read More

Vermont Watchdog: Lawmaker proposes requiring gun owners to register with insurance companies

A bill introduced last week at the Statehouse would require gun owners to report their weapons to home insurance companies. The bill, H.709, is currently in the House Committee on Commerce and Economic Development, and it’s only in “short form.” This means it’s relatively simple... Read More

Shooting Industry: Battleground 2016 — They’re Coming After Us!

President Obama is making good on the promise he made to Sarah Brady concerning gun control during a White House meeting in March 2011. “I just want you to know that we are working on it. We have to go through a few processes, but... Read More

Daily Republic: Gun ownership a woman’s right

I was never interested in guns. We didn’t have guns while growing up, except our trusty Daisy BB gun. My dad was pretty conservative and I remember him telling me that if everyone had a gun, no one would get shot. That seemed crazy to... Read More

CI News Now: Women becoming bigger players in the gun industry

For so long the gun industry has been dominated by men, from hunting to sport shooting to security. But over the past decade we’ve seen an upward trend in women getting in on the action. Women are becoming bigger players in the gun industry. “I... Read More Businessman sets his sights on Chicago’s first gun shop

An Illinois businessman is moving forward with plans to open a firing range and gun shop in Chicago, and if everything goes as planned, it will be a first for the Windy City. While Chicago had what some would describe as Second Amendment wins in... Read More

Free Beacon: Clinton Doesn’t List Self-Defense as Valid Reason to Own a Gun

Hillary Clinton did not list self-defense as a reason to have a gun Monday during a campaign event in Oskaloosa, Iowa, instead listing “collecting,” “shooting practice” and “hunting” as valid reasons for owning a gun. An attendee at Clinton’s town hall meeting asked the Democratic... Read More

Daily Wire: More and More Law Enforcement Officials Are Calling On Citizens to Arm Themselves

A growing number of law enforcement officials across the country are calling on citizens to arm themselves for self-defense and as a way to prevent crime, a significant trend on a number of levels, perhaps most importantly because of what it reflects about a broader pro-Second Amendment movement gaining... Read More

Boston Globe: Gun licensing continues to rise in Mass.

Tens of thousands of new gun licenses were issued to Massachusetts residents in 2015, continuing a recent surge, according to state data. There were 342,622 active Class A firearms licenses statewide, according to figures provided by the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services earlier this... Read More

ABC News: Sanders Wants to Repeal Gun Maker Liability Law He Once Supported

Sen. Bernie Sanders — whose vote in favor of a bill that protected gun makers from liability in many cases became a key attack point for the Hillary Clinton campaign — is co-sponsoring a new bill that would repeal that measure, according to a spokesman... Read More