TAKE ACTION: Support Tax-Free Gun Safes

In an effort to promote proper firearms safety, Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez (R-Lake Elsinore) has introduced AB 2540. AB 2540 provides tax relief and incentives for firearms safety devices and storage products, such as safes, by exempting them from sales tax. Given that California law requires... Read More

Breitbart:Bill Makes ‘Victimless’ Firearms Crime Punishable Throughout Lifetime

A bill introduced on March 15 re-categorizes the crime of failing to file firearms transfer papers, making a failure to file punishable at any point during one’s lifetime. Current law requires that all firearm transfers be reported to the California Department of Justice via a... Read More

ALERT: Senate Education Committee Passes Anti Gun Research Bill

Earlier today, the Senate Education Committee passed SB 1006, with the only no votes coming from the two Republican members. The bill, authored by Senator Lois Wolk (D-Davis) seeks to establish the California Firearm Violence Research Center within the University of California (UC) system. Within... Read More

ALERT: This Bill Will Wipe Out ALL Gun Dealers in California

AB 2459 is the scariest bill we have seen all year, and that’s not a fact to be taken lightly as there are already bills to ban most semi-auto rifles, ration your gun purchases, and ban all magazines that could hold more than 10 rounds... Read More

ALERT: Assembly Public Safety Committee Passes 2 Anti-Gun Bills, Makes One Far Worse Than Before

Earlier today, the Assembly Public Safety Committee passed AB 1673 and AB 1695 on a party line vote, with all Democrats voting “aye” while all Republicans voted “no.” AB 1673, which previously sought to only criminalize the possession of 80% (and even 0%!) lowers, was... Read More

ALERT: Gun Owners are Treated like Murderers Under New Bill… Seriously

It just doesn’t stop. The California State Legislature is intent on creating a death of a thousand cuts for gun owners. Senate Bill 1037 is just one of the latest bills to seek to regulate and criminalize gun owners in California. The bill, authored by... Read More

SIGN: Stop the Senate’s “Assault Weapons” Ban

You have probably been closely following the two “assault weapons” bills, ABs 1663 and 1664, that have been slowly moving along in the Assembly. But there is one more that you need to act on. SB 880, by Senators Hall and Glazer (both democrats), attempts... Read More

TAKE ACTION: Senate Education Committee to vote on funding new “Gun Violence Research” Center

Senator Lois Wolk’s (D-Davis) Senate Bill 1006, which seeks to establish the California Firearm Violence Research Center within the University of California (UC) system, will be up for a vote in the Senate Education Committee next week. Within this new taxpayer-funded center, the UCs will... Read More

Townhall: Pro-Gun CPAC Panel Bashes CNN ‘Gun Control Infomercial’

“We will lose our Second Amendment freedoms” if Hillary Clinton becomes president and nominates a liberal justice, moderator Mercedes Schlapp warned at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday. That’s why she and other gun rights activists joined the “Thank Goodness for Guns in America”... Read More

TAKE ACTION: Help Us Chip Away at the Handgun Roster

The Handgun Roster is a thorn in the side of all California gun owners. Before you go to buy a handgun, you probably check the list on the AG’s website and find that the gun you really want to purchase isn’t allowed in the state because... Read More