FIRE MISSION: Beat Kevin “Ghost Dun” De Leon

He’s back… Senator Kevin ‘Ghost Gun’ De Leon (You remember, the guy who said he wanted to get rid of guns that could shoot a “30 magazine clip in half a second”) is bringing up SB 1407 for a vote. SB 1407 requires a person... Read More

GunMegeddon Is Upon Us; Committees To Hear 9 Anti-Gun Bills

Next Tuesday, there will be 9 anti-gun bills heard in various committees; the most we have seen this year. It is a phenomenon that we can only describe as GunMegeddon. In order to survive, we need you to get on the phones, get on your... Read More

WATCH: FPC Debunks the Mythical Ban on Federal Firearm Research

California State Senator Isadore Hall has introduced SJR 20 in order to ask Congress to lift their ban on federal firearms research. The only problem is that no such ban exists! Watch as FPC’s Craig DeLuz and Sam Parades from Gun Owners of California educate... Read More

Second Amendment and Free Speech Silenced in Committee

Earlier today, the Assembly Public Safety Committee passed AB 2459, the bill that will wipe out every gun store in the State of California. The bill bans all home FFL dealers, requires constant video surveillance of all parts of the store, and mandates the purchase of... Read More

It’s Already Back! Bill to Wipe Out Gun Stores Up For Vote

It’s back! After being pulled last week, AB 2459, authored by Asm. Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento), will wipe out every single gun dealer in the state of California and it will be voted on TOMORROW! But we have a unique ally in the fight. The ACLU... Read More

Sign our Resolution to the U.S. Senate Urging Them to Reject Anti-Gun Supreme Court Nominees 

Whereas, President Obama has proven himself to be a radical, power-hungry chief executive that has little respect for the Constitution; and Whereas, Contrary to President Obama’s opinion, the rights protected under the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution are not second-class rights; and Whereas,... Read More Bill to video gun buyers, add restrictions to shops pulled

A California proposal to require video surveillance of shops including all purchases and parking lots as well as put a limit on gun store locations was pulled in the face of mounting opposition. The measure, introduced in February, is meant to increase transparency in the... Read More

ALERT: Your Calls Got AB 2459 Pulled!

AB 2459 was pulled from the Assembly Public Safety Committee Hearing this morning and we have your calls, tweets and emails to thank for it! The bill, authored by Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento), will wipe out every gun dealer in the State of California. But,... Read More

URGENT: The Most Devastating Anti-Gun Bill Is Up For A Vote

AB 2459, authored by Asm. Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento), will wipe out every single gun dealer in the state of California. In essence, if this bill passes, they may not ever have to pass another anti-gun bill again. You simply won’t be able to legally buy... Read More

ALERT: Assembly Public Safety Committee Kills Minor Fix to SB 707

Yesterday, the Assembly Public Safety Committee shot down a minor fix to SB 707, the bill that outlawed legal conceal carry on school grounds. AB 2340, authored by Asm. James Gallagher (R-Nicolaus), would have allowed an individual who has a valid conceal carry license and... Read More