KEEP THE PRESSURE ON: Gun Confiscation Bill Up For Vote

As you know from yesterday, AB 2607, by Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco), which allows your boss, professor, or therapist to take away your gun rights, has hit the Assembly Floor. The bill seeks to expand the scope of the four month old, unconstitutional gun... Read More

Breitbart: Democrat Pushes to Expand ‘Secret’ Gun Confiscations in California

California Assemblyman Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) is pushing to expand firearm confiscations by allowing co-workers and others to file a complaint that sets the “secret” confiscation process in motion. The confiscations are tied to Gun Violence Restraining Orders (GVROs), which were passed by CA Democrats... Read More Top California Dems at odds over who will lead fight for more gun control

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom is backing a sweeping ballot measure to regulate guns, while Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León is pushing his own list of bills through the Legislature. Newsom, who is currently running to replace Gov. Jerry Brown, would place a five-point... Read More

Don’t Allow Your Boss to Steal Your Gun Rights

If AB 2607 were to pass, your boss could strip away your Second Amendment rights and send a SWAT team to raid your house. Please sign our petition to STOP AB 2607 and help save the 2nd Amendment.... Read More

URGENT! CALL NOW: Gun Confiscation Bill Up For Vote

First Anti-Gun Bill Hits The Assembly Floor For A Vote AB 2607, by Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco), has hit the Assembly Floor.The bill seeks to expand the scope of the four month old, unconstitutional gun violence restraining orders. If you don’t remember them, they... Read More

URGENT: Save the M1 Carbine!

We need YOUR HELP to fight one of the worst gun control bills that we have ever seen. This bill would expand the reach of California’s ban on so-called “assault weapons” to ALL semi-automatic center-fire rifles with detachable magazines, regardless  of if they are equipped... Read More

They’re prioritizing gun control over your kids’ education

Senator Lois Wolk’s (D-Davis) Senate Bill 1006, which seeks to establish the California Firearm Violence Research Center within the University of California (UC) system, has glided through the Legislature so far. Now we need your help to stop it! Within this new taxpayer-funded center, the UCs... Read More

Outdoor Life: Californians brace for ‘GunMeggedon’

The California Senate Public Safety Committee on April 19 approved seven proposed gun control bills that are expected to be presented to the Senate for a vote sometime this spring or summer. If all are adopted, the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) says they present a... Read More

RT: Firearms advocates say ‘Gunmegeddon’ bills demonise ‘law-abiding’ weapons collectors

Gun owners in California are up in arms over a series of proposed laws, which if passed by the Senate could see San Bernardino-style assault rifles banned and herald greater restrictions on ammunition. Five bills introduced by Democratic California state senators aimed at curtailing gun... Read More

Oppose the Anti-Gun Bills Already on Suspense

GunMegeddon has come to pass and the Assembly and Senate Public Safety Committees each passed their fair share of anti-gun bills. But there are still more threats to our rights beyond GunMegeddon. Some of the early bills that were introduced by elitist politicians have moved... Read More