Corning Observer: Gun group gives Gallagher perfect score

Assemblyman James Gallagher, R-Plumas Lake, received a grade of A+ from the Firearms Policy Coalition for his voting record that supports gun rights during the 2015 legislative session. Gallagher is only one of two Assemblymembers to receive a perfect score. “I am extremely honored to... Read More

FACT-CHECK: Calif. Assembly Bill 2510

Earlier today, we received a few messages from gun owners saying that they’re getting conflicting information about California Assembly Bill 2510, a dangerous bill that we strongly oppose in its current form. Given the understandable confusion, we wanted to take this opportunity to explain AB... Read More

URGENT: Anti-Gun Republican Takes On CCW Permits

Last year, Assemblymember Eric Linder (R–Corona) voted for Senate Bill 707 — the bill that gutted the Second Amendment right to carry and made CCW licensees into criminals for carrying on school grounds. Eric Linder is going after your right to carry once again….this time... Read More

Breaking: Anti-Gun Bill Killed by FPC

We scored a WIN for YOUR gun rights. Senate Bill (SB) 1037 was killed! SB 1037, authored by Senator Ben Allen (D-Redondo Beach) would have made non-violent firearms related crimes, such as forgetting to fill out your paperwork properly, “continuing offenses.” It would have made... Read More

WATCH: FPC Calls Out Gavin Newsom in Committee

On May 3, 2016 the Senate and Assembly Public Safety Committees held a Joint Legislative Hearing on “Gun Grabbin” Gavin Newsom’s anti-gun ballot initiative that is likely to be on the November ballot. Watch the hearing highlights as FPC’s Craig DeLuz calls out Lt. Governor... Read More

FPC Releases 2015 California Legislative Grades

Just as vote-by-mail ballots are about to land in mailboxes, the Firearms Policy Coalition is releasing their legislative report card for the 2015 legislative session. Each legislator is graded based on how they handled priority legislation. Actions such as voting record, authorship and co-authorship of... Read More

REASON: Hillary Clinton Picks a Doomed Fight With Americans Over Guns

“Yesterday, once again, this time horrifically on live television,” says Hillary Clinton in a video on her presidential campaign website, “we saw the terrible consequences of gun violence.” As it turns out, she’s not talking about civilian deaths from drone strikes or bombing raids on... Read More

ALERT: Gut and Amend Anti-Gun Bills in Committee TODAY!

At 10:30 AM this morning, the Senate Public Safety Committee will be meeting to hold a special hearing on 4 of the anti-gun bills that were gutted and amended last week. Although the committee starts at 9 AM, the anti-gun bills will not be brought... Read More

WND: College censors gun sign, student wins $50,000

A student whose recruitment drive last year for a Young Americans for Liberty chapter included a gun-rights sign is getting paid $50,000 by a college, which also is revising its restrictive speech policies, according to officials with the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. The... Read More

Two Anti-Gun Bills Hit Assembly Floor

AB 2510, which further confuses concealed carry permits in California, and AB 2607, which allows your boss, professor, or therapist to take away your gun rights, have hit the Assembly Floor and could be VOTED ON TODAY! Both of these bills have been on our target list... Read More