New CA Bill Will Ban You From Sharing Your Gun

I have a question for you—have you ever loaned your firearm to a hunting buddy? Would you ever consider letting a friend borrow a gun to try at the range before they purchase the same model? Or would you let a close friend who is... Read More

FACT CHECK: Is AB 2510 Really Pro-Gun?

You may remember that AB 2510 passed off the Assembly floor not too long ago. And, if you watched the debate, you might recall that the author, Asm. Eric Linder, stated that this was a great bill for gun owners. It was going to create... Read More

BREAKING: Anti-Gun Politicians Trying To Thwart FPC Lawsuit

Sacramento elitist politicians are threatening to destroy your gun rights by trying to thwart our lawsuit. Last week, Firearms Policy Coalition, FPC Second Amendment Defense Committee, 8th District Congressional Candidate Tim Donnelly, two Hollywood producers, and the director of the San Diego Gun Owners filed... Read More

The Return Of Gunmeggedon

What is the only thing crazier than Gunpocalypse? If you guessed the return of Gunmeggedon, you’d be correct. That may sound like a corny movie, but I can guarantee you these bills are terrifying. Not too long ago, the Senate passed multiple anti-gun bills, in... Read More

Come and Take Them

You’re disheartened. You may be thinking about moving out of California. You may have even blamed us or another gun group for the 5 anti-gun bills passing yesterday. Look, I get it. And I am just as pissed off as you are about it. But... Read More

BREAKING: Gunpocalypse just swept the Assembly Floor

It just happened. Gunpocalypse swept through the Assembly Floor. And it was the most outrageous showings of ignorance I have ever seen at the State Capitol, and that’s saying something as I worked there for over 5 years. The first bill up was AB 1673, which... Read More

BREAKING: Legislature To Vote On Raiding Gun-Buyer Paid Firearms Safety Fund; Will Give To Kamala Harris

Just as they have in year’s past, the Legislative Conference Committee on Budget is about to vote on raiding another fund that is fully funded by gun buyers. This time, they plan on raiding the Firearms Safety Fund, which you pay in to every time... Read More

Ricochet: California Shouldn’t Create More Headaches for CCW Holders

Never underestimate the talent politicians have for taking something minor and making it into a massive new (and usually expensive) problem. Take, for example, Republican California Assemblyman Eric Linder’s latest effort to create new headaches for Golden State gun owners. Linder claims that his Assembly... Read More

Gunpocalypse Is Back With 6 Anti-Gun Bills; Fight Back Now!

It’s back… Gunpocalypse is rearing it’s ugly head again. And I can’t stress how important it is to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! There are only 3 days left to pass some of the worst gun control legislation we have ever seen. If we can hold... Read More

URGENT: 5 Anti-Gun Bills To Be Voted On Before Friday

The California State Assembly has until the Friday deadline to pass 5 anti-gun bills. If they don’t pass by the close of session Friday, they are DEAD for the year! 4 of the bills were passed by the Assembly Appropriation’s Committee last Friday. When they... Read More