Sac Bee: Ex-California Senator Ron Calderon To Plead Guilty To Mail Fraud

Former state Sen. Ron Calderon has agreed to plead guilty to one count of mail fraud in the wide-ranging corruption case brought by federal prosecutors. In exchange, the U.S. attorney will seek no more than a five-year, 10-month prison sentence for the 58-year-old Montebello Democrat,... Read More

Gunpocalypse arrives…

Gunpocalypse is coming… You only have today to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! Even if you’ve already signed, SIGN AGAIN to inundate the legislators with opposition. On Tuesday, June 14th, 11 ANTI-GUN bills will be heard by various committees in the State Senate and Assembly. We... Read More

BREAKING: Politicians raid firearms fees again

BREAKING: Budget Conference Committee Votes To Raid User Funded Firearms Safety Fund Just as they have in year’s past, the Legislative Conference Committee on Budget just voted on raiding another fund that is fully financed by gun buyers. This time, they plan on raiding the Firearms Safety Fund, which... Read More

FPC Wins Important 1A Legal Action Against State

We can’t defend the Second Amendment when they are not allowing us to exercise the 1st Amendment! The California State Assembly and the Attorney General, however, are trying to silence us every step of the way. There is actually a law that allows them to do so! But... Read More

URGENT: Gunpocalypse Is Back With 11 Anti-Gun Bills Next Week

It’s back… Gunpocalypse is rearing it’s ugly head again. And I can’t stress how important it is to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! On Tuesday, June 14th, 11 ANTI-GUN bills will be heard by various committees in the State Senate and Assembly. We need to get... Read More

BREAKING: 9th Circuit rules against CCW, Peruta in 2nd Amendment carry case

The en banc Court’s Opinion can be viewed here. The Court’s website citations can be viewed here. Summary: The en banc court affirmed the district courts’ judgments and held that there is no Second Amendment right for members of the general public to carry concealed... Read More

ALERT: “Ghost Gun” De Leon Wants YOUR Ammo!

Senate President Pro Tem Kevin “Ghost Gun” de Leon is already coming after your unserialized firearms, but now he is coming after your ammo! His bill, SB 1235, seeks to restrict the sale of ammunition via a “ may-issue”  ammunition vendors licensing scheme, enact prohibitions on... Read More

WATCH: Assemblymember Gipson blatantly lies about his anti-gun bill

AB 1673 changes the definition of a firearm to include things that are not firearms. The bill was recently debated on the floor of the California State Assembly and the number of outright lies and misstatements was outstanding. Check out the video below: As you can... Read More

Ricochet: CA Democrat Pushes for Secret Gun Confiscations

A California legislator has done the seemingly impossible and united mental health professionals, gun rights organizations, and the ACLU against a proposed law. This legislation would open the door for people to be stripped of their Second Amendment rights without due process and based simply... Read More

URGENT: Stop Anti-Gun Bill From Skipping Process

AB 1511, authored by Miguel Santiago (D-Los Angeles), would ban loaning firearms to anybody besides immediate family, which is defined as a spouse, domestic partner, child, sibling, or grandparent. It was rammed through the Senate in near secrecy only a couple of weeks ago. Now, it... Read More