ALERT: Congress Is Secretly Trying To Steal Your Gun Rights

In response to renewed calls for a ban on firearms by persons on the federal government’s secret “no-fly” and “terror watchlists,” Firearms Policy Coalition President Brandon Combs released the following statement: No person that participates in terrorism should be allowed to acquire or possess firearms.... Read More

The Blaze: Howard Stern Dismantles Calls for Gun Control After Orlando Attack With Chilling ‘Sheep’ and ‘Wolves’ Analogy

In the wake of the deadly Orlando terrorist attack, radio icon Howard Stern spent part of his Wednesday program berating those calling for gun control as the way to prevent further carnage in the future. “I’m so upset about Orlando and what went down,” Stern... Read More

Fight The Senator Who Called Gun Owners Disgusting

Because you are a gun owner, a California State Senator called you “crazy, vicious and heartless.” He blamed you for the terrorist attack in Orlando. He stated you don’t care about keeping people safe, and you are only more concerned about holding a weapon in... Read More

Breitbart: California Democrats Invoke Orlando to Push ‘Gunpocalypse’

On Tuesday, California Democrats invoked the Orlando terror attack to push a body of gun control bills known as “Gunpocalypse.” The list of bills consists of roughly 10 new gun controls, which cover everything from “high capacity” magazine bans to limits on the number of... Read More

BREAKING: Legislature Passes Budget To Raid User Funded Firearms Safety Fund

They’re at it again. This time, the Legislature is raiding the Firearms Safety Fund, which you pay in to every time you purchase a gun! And now only Governor Brown stands in the way of this scheme becoming reality. The Armed Prohibited Persons Program (APPs) recently raided the... Read More
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The Fight For The Second Amendment Is Not Hopeless

We did not lose yesterday. Sure they passed every single one of the Gunpocalypse bills through their committees. And they called you vicious and hateful. And they treated us like we weren’t even human beings. But all they did was draw a line in the sand.... Read More

LA Times: Tempers Flare As Lawmakers Move Forward With A Dozen Gun-Control Bills In Wake Of Orlando Shooting

With emotions still raw over the massacre in Orlando, Fla., tempers flared Tuesday as divided California state lawmakers advanced a dozen gun-control bills, including proposals to outlaw the sale of semiautomatic rifles with easily detachable magazines. “Less than 72 hours ago, 49 people were slain... Read More

Gunpocalypse Passes Based Off Of Vitriol And Lies

They hate you. The answer to the question of why the “representatives” on the California Public Safety Committees continue to pass these nonsensical anti-gun bills has been there all along. But it was never more apparent than today when they passed every single one of... Read More

BREAKING: Obama Calls For New Assault Weapons Ban

As if on cue, President Obama announced today he is urging Congress to pass another Assault Weapons Ban in response to a terrorist attack. I swear, the world had gone insane. According to the President’s (non)logic, Americans will be safer if they are disarmed because... Read More

BREAKING: New surcharge on firearms purchases

I bet you are sick of being nickel and dimed every time you go to buy a gun. When you go to purchase one, you automatically have to assume that the cost is going to be at least $50 higher than the sticker price. First... Read More