BREAKING: Gunpocalypse stealth vote stopped

Your voice was able to make a HUGE difference earlier. 4 of the 5 Gunpocalypse bills were placed on the consent calendar, which means they could have passed without ever being brought up for a formal vote! But you put a stop to it. De... Read More

URGENT: Stealth Gunpocalypse Vote Set

Yesterday, the Senate Appropriations Committee passed 5 of the worst anti-gun bills we have ever seen by ignoring their own rules and fast tracking them to the Governor. But we didn’t know the depths they would go to in order to hurry these bills along.... Read More

ALERT: Even more anti-gun bills to be voted on tomorrow…

I know the past few weeks have seemed like a whirlwind. Gunpocalypse has blown through the Senate and Assembly as fast as humanly possible, but we can’t forget about some of the other bills that are being passed through as well. Tomorrow, there will be... Read More

Urge The Senate To Fix AB 2510 To Save Concealed Carry

Licenses to carry in California, while still rare, have been increasing. As these licenses are valid statewide, this increases the likelihood that the licensee will come into contact with law enforcement. As such, the license should be recognizable as valid to the law enforcement officer.... Read More

Fox News: Supreme Court Leaves State Assault Weapons Bans In Place

The Supreme Court has rejected challenges to assault weapons bans in Connecticut and New York, in the aftermath of the shooting attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, that left 50 people dead. The justices on Monday left in place a lower court ruling... Read More

URGENT: U.S Senate Set To Vote On Gun Control Today

Right now, the U.S. Senate is debating a number of anti-gun amendments that were created in response to the Orlando terrorist attack. Apparently, there are still those that believe disarming law-abiding Americans is the only way to stop terrorism. These anti-gun amendments will be voted... Read More

BREAKING: Gunpocalypse passes; heading quickly to Governor

It happened. They passed 5 of the worst anti-gun bills we have ever seen. It was supposed to happen in complete secrecy until we announced it last Friday. And for most, it was done in complete secret because the web feed we sent you earlier... Read More

Gunpocalypse Hits The Senate Appropriations Committee

At 10 AM this morning, Gunpocalypse will hit the Senate Appropriations Committee. They will be hearing FIVE of the worst anti-gun bills we have ever seen! And all of these bills make up part of the Gunpocalypse that is happening right now in California. And... Read More

Gunpocalypse Starts Again Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day. Gunpocalypse is going to be up Monday, June 20th. And I can’t stress how important it is to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD NOW! Our operatives have let us know Friday that the Senate planned on hearing half of the Gunpocalypse bills... Read More

URGENT: Fast Tracked Gunpocalypse Hearing Set For Monday

They aren’t even waiting for the dust to settle. Gunpocalypse is going to be up this coming Monday, June 19th. And I can’t stress how important it is to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD NOW! Our operatives have let us know that the Senate plans on... Read More