Washington Free Beacon: Black Philadelphians Gather to Learn About Gun Rights as DNC Rolls Into Town

A guns rights group took advantage of the Democratic National Convention to educate black Philadelphians about the Second Amendment. Via the Washington Free Beacon: A gun rights advocacy group on Monday hosted a town hall-style meeting to teach black Philadelphians about their Second Amendment rights... Read More

National Review: Silly People Freak Out Over a Picture of a War Hero and a Gun

Anti-gun websites hilariously overreacted to a photo of Marine and Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer posed in a photo with his baby daughter and his holster. The National Review promptly mocked the faux outrage. Via the National Review: That’s Dakota Meyer — a Marine... Read More

WATCH The Story of “Gunpocalypse”

As with all catastrophes, there’s more to “Gunpocalypse” than just the systematic destruction of civil rights during a single legislative term. No, something like Gunpocalypse didn’t just happen in one day. It’s the three year story of an authoritarian government finally coming to terms with... Read More

Breitbart: ‘Butler’ Director Lee Daniels Inflates ‘Gun Violence’ Numbers By 66% in DNC Gun Control Plea

Elite Hollywood filmmaker Lee Daniels lied at the Democratic National Convention when he inflated statistics of gun-related deaths. Top Hollywood producer-director Lee Daniels inflated “gun violence” numbers by 66 percent when he claimed that “33,000 people each year die from gun violence” during his speech... Read More

The Hill: Kesha tells Philadelphia crowd: We can control who we give ‘f—ing weapons to’

Pop singer Kesha took at a break from her concert sponsored by anti-gun group Americans for Responsible Solutions to attack gun rights. Via The Hill: Two songs into her four-song set, Kesha announced that she felt like she “needed to say something.” The “Tik Tok”... Read More

The Hill: Sen. Murphy: Trump’s stance on guns ‘sinister’

Gun grabbing Senator Chris Murphy (Connecticut) used incendiary rhetoric this week at the Democratic National Convention regarding Republicans and gun control. Via The Hill: Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) tore into Republicans over gun control on Wednesday night in a dramatic speech from the Democratic National... Read More

Post-Gunpocalyse: The Assault on the Second Amendment Continues

After the Gunpocalypse frenzy in June, you might have thought California legislators were done for the year. But, just like that annoying houseguest who just won’t get the hint, they are coming back. They just took a break to jet to Europe or attend political... Read More

Boston Globe: Amid Criticism, Healey Defends Gun Crackdown

Via Boston Globe: Facing mounting criticism from Governor Charlie Baker, dozens of legislators from both parties, and gun rights advocates, Attorney General Maura Healey insisted Wednesday that her ban on so-called copycat assault weapons is clear, enforceable, and already reducing the sale of such firearms.... Read More

Roll Call: DCCC Uses Gun Violence Sit-In to Promote Party at Convention

During Wednesday’s Democratic National Convention, Congressional Democrats promoted their sit-in that called for gun control measures in the House of Representatives. A presentation at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday included footage promoting the House Democrats’ sit-in on gun violence. That drew criticism from Republicans, who said... Read More

Q13 Fox: Washington and Oregon Groups Push to Ban High-Powered Rifles, to Create a ‘West Coast Wall’

Via Q13 Fox: In light of the mass shootings across the country, gun control groups feel they have the momentum to make some sweeping changes regionwide. On Wednesday, several Washington and Oregon groups announced a new campaign pushing for a ban on high-powered rifles. They hope... Read More