#WearOrange Update: Former Sheriff Lee Baca Withdraws Plea Deal, Opens Self to More Serious Charges

Former Los Angeles County Sheriff and Current #WearOrange gun grabber Lee Baca withdrew his guilty plea in federal court Monday. The famed anti-gun sheriff was charged with lying to investigators and when his plea deal’s sentence of six months was rejected by a judge, Baca... Read More

Guns.com: Biggest July to date for NICS background checks to date

As gun sales continue to climb in the midst of the various attacks on the Second Amendment, background checks also match the steady increase. July 2016 marked a new record in background checks for the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Via Guns.com: July tallied... Read More

Thank you from FPC

We did it! Thanks to you, we were able to exceed our July fundraising goal!. We are also on the verge of announcing a winner in the Cobalt Kinetics BAMF Edge rifle giveaway, so stay tuned! Your support allows us to continue our lobbying efforts... Read More

Lawmaker Dares You To Break The Law

Obtaining a CCW permit is already a laborious process in California, and in some counties it is nearly impossible to get one. But Sacramento Assemblyman Kevin McCarty wants to make it even more difficult to get and maintain your license to carry. He’s sponsored two... Read More

CNN: Apple replaces the pistol emoji with a water gun

In another capitulation to PC-culture, Apple announced Monday that they would replace the gun emoji with a water pistol emoji with the latest software update. A proposed rifle emoji that would have been released in time for the Olympics also became a victim to anti-gun... Read More

Guns.com: Massachusetts gun shops redefine business after assault weapons ban

Massachusetts gun stores are learning to retool their business plans as they working their way through the measure Attorney General Maura Healey imposed upon the state last month. Healey’s issued the directive that banned all AR-15s and AK-47s, which sparked protests all across the state. Via Guns.com:... Read More

AP: Most sheriffs in Nevada against gun background check initiative

A Nevada ballot initiative that would mandate background checks for gun purchases is opposed by several sheriffs in the state. The effort to mandate gun sales through gun dealers is financed by anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Via the Associated Press: Sheriffs in most Nevada counties... Read More

Breitbart: California: Hardest State for Law-Abiding Citizens to Buy a Gun

California tops a new list as the most difficult state to acquire a firearm due to the numerous obstacles the state and its anti-gun government imposes on its citizens to exercise their rights. The Golden State is sure to maintain its unfortunate distinction thanks to... Read More

Tell Santiago To Stop Attacking Free Speech!

Assemblyman Miguel Santiago hates your Second Amendment rights so much, he even wants to take away your First Amendment rights. California’s roadways are in disrepair, yet instead of finding ways to fix the problem Santiago is focused on giving the Department of Transportation regulatory power... Read More

Bearing Arms: Hillary Clinton Is Lying About Her Intentions Towards Gun Rights. Here’s The Proof.

Hillary Clinton’s pro-Second Amendment rhetoric in her nomination acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention betrays her past actions that are highly anti-gun. Via Bearing Arms: During her speech to the Democrat National Convention last night, Hillary Clinton made a very interesting claim. “I’m not... Read More