US News: 5 Stocks That Could Be Affected by Tighter Gun Control

Despite the torrent of recent negative press from the mainstream media, gun manufacturers stocks have surged in recent weeks. Negative publicity and threats to a public company’s marketability normally decrease its stock value. But not with gun and ammunition stocks. After violent episodes, these stocks... Read More

The Hill: Murphy says guns should be litmus test for Dems

Gun control advocate Sen. Chris Murphy (D.)  of Connecticut proposed in an interview released over the weekend that Democrats should be judged for whether they are for further gun control. Via The Hill: Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) says in a new interview that it’s important... Read More

We Will Fight Back Against Tyranny

The battle waged over your rights does not end when oppressive, draconian laws are signed into law. Politicians in California aren’t satisfied with stifling your Second Amendment rights. They have to attempt to squelch your First Amendment rights, too. One of our FPC members decided... Read More

ICYMI: CNN: U.S. teen Ginny Thrasher wins Rio’s first gold

Over the weekend, the first gold medal of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janerio was won by 19 year-old American Ginny Thrasher in the 10-meter air rifle event. Thrasher set a record for a final round in an Olympics. The first gold medal... Read More

Rare: A 4’11, 85-pound woman with a gun to her head put an end to the threat in the blink of an eye

An Arizona woman used her firearm in self-defense against a criminal this week. When the criminal attempted to rob her at a gas station, the woman reacted and got away safely. Via Rare: It was no miracle that a woman with a gun to her... Read More

Boston Herald: Mayor Walsh: ‘No need for long guns’ for Boston patrol officers

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh attacked the use of long guns for police officers on patrol despite calls by police unions to be better armed in case of crises. Three of Boston’s police unions wrote a letter this week blasting President Obama for his lack of support of law... Read More

Naples Daily News: Licenses to build guns skyrockets in Florida

The massive surge of gun manufacturing in Florida has strained the federal agency charged with issuing licenses for gun makers. Via the Naples Daily News: Florida has more gun manufacturers than any other state except Texas, after a surge of nearly 350 percent in licenses... Read More

FPC Member Sues State of California For Violation of First Amendment Rights After State Censors, Takes Down “Tyrant Registry” Political Article

Firearms Policy Coalition is funding a new federal First Amendment lawsuit filed by a pro-civil rights political blogger after their political speech was censored and taken down by the State of California SACRAMENTO – A just-filed First Amendment lawsuit challenges the State of California’s attempt... Read More

Anti-Gun Stockton, CA Mayor to #WearOrange… Behind Bars

Another one of Bloomberg’s anti-gun mayors is on the verge of being taken down. Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva, who has supported legislation and even filed an Amicus Brief in the Supreme Court to further Michael Bloomberg’s sinister agenda, was arrested earlier in Amador County, CA.... Read More

We Will Not Comply

In the last few months, anti-gun politicians around the country have used questionable methods to advance their unconstitutional agenda and seem to have the attitude that no matter which edicts they issue, law-abiding gun owners will simply roll over and comply. First California lawmakers ignored... Read More