Fire Mission #3: Stop The Ban On Gun Speech

*This is the third FIRE MISSION of the day – Thank you for making your calls and signing the petitions!* The California Legislature hates guns so much that now they are starting to ban firearms-related speech in public. AB 1373, proposed by Assemblymember Miguel Santiago... Read More

FIRE MISSION #2: Stop The Government From Pricing You Out of Your Self-Defense

Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) hates the middle class. That’s the only excuse for AB 450. McCarty’s bill would explode fees to get or renew concealed carry permits all across California. McCarty’s bill would force some regular, middle class, law-abiding Californians to lie defenseless because they... Read More

NBC News: Is Hollywood Feeling the Heat for Its Gun Culture?

The growing chorus of anti-gun rhetoric has begun affecting movie and television marketing campaigns. Via NBC News: A rash of recent mass shootings and violent clashes between police and people of color may have helped to create a climate of squeamishness around gun culture in... Read More

NH1: NH gun clubs and shooting ranges at capacity, forced to turn away new members

New Hampshire gun clubs have experienced a surge of interest and engagement after the various shootings around the world this summer. Some have reached full capacity in their shooting courses. Via NH1: Summer violence in the U.S. and around the world is spurring an increase... Read More

FIRE MISSION #1: Stop The Government From Stealing Your Guns

Did you know that if you or one of your family members are merely suspected of being involved in certain crimes, your private property, including your firearms, can be permanently seized without due process? This scary process is called civil asset forfeiture. As a civil rights... Read More

Oregon Governor Previews Her Anti-Gun Legislative Mandate

With the ISIS-inspired terrorist attack in Orlando still fresh in the news, Oregon Governor Kate Brown outlined a multi-part attack on the Second Amendment. We have already written about the first part of her attack – the issuance of executive orders. The second prong of... Read More

Civil Rights Groups File Appeal to Ninth Circuit in Fourteenth Amendment Equality Lawsuit Challenging Retired Government Employee Special Exemptions to California Gun Control Laws

The lawsuit, which challenges special exemptions to California’s “Gun-Free School Zone Act” for retired government employees, is being appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals LOS ANGELES (August 8, 2016) – A civil rights lawsuit challenging a special, legislatively-created exemption to the “California Gun-Free... Read More

Welcome to Oregon, Now Turn In Your Guns

I have some unfortunate news for anyone who was going to flee California for the greener pastures of Oregon… Just a few weeks ago, in the aftermath of the ISIS inspired Terrorist Attack in Orlando, Oregon Governor Kate Brown (besides her hatred for the Constitution,... Read More

Oregon Governor Signs In New Executive Attacks On Second Amendment

Just a few weeks ago, in the aftermath of the ISIS inspired Terrorist Attack in Orlando, Oregon Governor Kate Brown rolled out the most terrifying anti-gun policy rollout the Pacific Northwest has ever seen. Taking advantage of the anti-gun rhetoric propagated by the mainstream media... Read More

USA Today: Shooting gold medalist Ginny Thrasher laments controversy over gun laws

U.S. Olympic champion shooter Ginny Thrasher unfortunately has endured heightened scrutiny from gun grabbers due to her success. Thrasher spoke up about the shooting culture and how the current anti-gun rhetoric affects her and her sport. Thrasher, 19, set an Olympic record of 208.0 in the... Read More