I Got Nothin’: Handguns More Dangerous Than AR-15s

Have you ever watched a politician or talking head talk so nonsensically about guns that all you can do is shrug your shoulders and mutter, “I got nothin”? It’s a daily occurrence here at FPC, and, in an attempt at education and combating ignorance, we’re... Read More

Felons released… Gun owners jailed…

Come November, gun owners will become an endangered species in California. The state legislature and voters already responded to the increasingly overcrowded prison system by allowing certain felons jailed to be released early. Governor Jerry Brown’s pet project, Proposition 57, looks take that a step... Read More

Breitbart: Joe Manchin: Second Amendment Needs More Regulation

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) attacked constitutional carry at a recent town hall, claiming that civil rights should be even more regulated. Manchin is best known for his help authoring a bill mandating background checks for all gun purchases, which failed with much fanfare in 2013.... Read More

AP: Nevada governor opposing gun buyer background check measure

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval came out firmly on the side of Nevada gun owners by opposing Nevada’s Question 1, which would mandate background checks. The anti-gun effort is being financed from out of the state by New York City billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Via AP: Nevada... Read More

FoxNews.com: Texas attorney general says professors face discipline if they ban guns

Texas’s new CCWs law allowing concealed carry in college buildings found itself its latest ally in Attorney General Ken Paxton. Paxton filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit from three professors seeking to block campus carry and alerted other anti-gun educators that they may face... Read More

Time: Gold Medal Shooter Takes Aim at Gun Control Supporters

Olympic shooter Kim Rhode used her large platform at this year’s games to advocate for all elements of the Second Amendment. Not only did Rhode mention the right to defend your family, but also the right to defend oneself from an overreaching government. Via Time: Kim... Read More

Oregon Governor Writes Ineffective Anti-Gun Letter to Congress

As America was confronting the reality of yet another ISIS-inspired terrorist attack, Oregon Governor Kate Brown launched her three-part attack on the Second Amendment. As the third prong of her attack, she seized the opportunity to peddle her anti-gun rhetoric in a letter to her... Read More

#WearOrange Flashback: Former NJ Mayor Against Illegal Guns David Delle Donna

Former Gutenberg, NJ Mayor David Delle Donna (D) counted himself as a found member New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Delle Donna is one of the many anti-gun mayors who found himself in trouble with the feds in recent years,... Read More

Oregon Governor Brown Takes Anti-Gun Cue From California Governor Brown

I regret to inform those seeking to flee California for the freer pastures of Oregon… With the ISIS-inspired terrorist attack in Orlando still fresh in the news, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (besides her disdain for freedom, there seems to be no relation to CA Gov Jerry... Read More

LA Times: Gun activists’ speech may be legal, but it’s creepy and reprehensible

LA Times agrees with FPC: “In this case, the gun activists are right.” “This case” is our recently-filed First Amendment case, Publius vs. Boyer-Vine. If the First Amendment only protected pleasant and conventional speech, then there would be no need for it in the first... Read More