Gun Shop Kicked Out of Comic Convention

A Chicago-area gun store was removed from a comic convention floor over concerns that “real guns” would be exhibited. The store was intending to feature replica guns and advertise safety courses. Via the Chicago Tribune: A Chicago-area gun shop that wants to exhibit at comic... Read More

ALERT: Anti-Gun AB 466 Defeated!

The good news keeps coming in this week. Shortly after FPC was able to get pro-gun amendments added to AB 2510 to ensure there were needed protections for concealed carry permit holders, FPC was able to kill another anti-gun, anti-carry bill! AB 466, by Assemblymember... Read More

Healey Done with ‘Tired Arguments’ from Pro-Gun Groups

Mass. AG Maura Healey banned ARs and AKs in Massachusetts by executive fiat, but now she doesn’t even want to hear “tired arguments” from gun rights groups. And what exactly are these tired arguments? Just that the Second Amendment supersedes the edicts of a bureaucrat.... Read More

ACT NOW: Veto Gunmageddon!

Sign the Petition to Veto Gunmageddon In July, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a slew of gun control bills into law designed to eviscerate your Second Amendment rights. These seven bills were: SB 880 (Hall) and AB 1135 (Levine): Bans common and constitutionally protected firearms... Read More

Cops Won’t Comply: CA Legislature Creates Second Class Cops

AB 2165 creates second class cops, while continuing to shaft Californians who just want to purchase safe, modern handguns. Via Cops Won’t Comply: Let me preface this by saying I absolutely abhor the California “Safe Handgun Roster.” It is the biggest, multifaceted scam ever perpetrated... Read More

Don’t Lawmakers Have Anything Better to Do?

Don’t lawmakers have anything better to do? You might have thought we’d dodged the most idiotic proposal of the year when Governor Brown vetoed AB 1673, which would have defined things that are not firearms as firearms. But the California Legislature is now pushing SB... Read More

VICTORY: AB 2510 Amended!

As you know, California Assemblymember Eric Linder (R-Corona) had been actively pushing AB 2510, which sought to create a modern CCW, but lacked much-needed protections for CCW holders. Since its introduction, we have been working tirelessly in order to fix it. But thanks to your... Read More

Are Cops Eating their Own Over the Handgun Roster?

All cops are created equal… But some cops are more equal than others. At least that’s the caste system the California State Legislature is creating for the Handgun Roster. For those that don’t know, the Handgun Roster was created to maintain a list of “not... Read More

The Dystopian Future of American Gun Rights Lies in Mexico

For a glimpse into the future of gun sales in America if anti-gun elitists get their way, one only needs to look south at our neighbors in Mexico. According to the AP: There’s just one place in all of Mexico where you can legally buy... Read More

Pennsylvania’s Chief Cop Headed to #WearOrange

Most #WearOrange politicians are your stereotypical elected official. They can range from a local mayor all the way to a member of Congress. It’s rare, however, that the chief law enforcement officer of a state finds him or herself strangled by their own hypocrisy. Former... Read More