Daily Caller: The Rise Of 80 Percent Firearms

80% lowers are only going to continue gaining in popularity… Via the Daily Caller: In completing an 80 percent build, you are attempting to take heavy-duty, dangerous machines and use them to shape and tame a piece of metal so that it will contain the... Read More

Gun Rights Groups Launch Investigation into Public University and Sports Team Firearm Policies

SACRAMENTO (September 1, 2016) – Following news media reports that University of Missouri head football coach Barry Odom enforces a total ban on gun ownership against all of his team’s student-athletes, civil rights organizations Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) and Firearms Policy Foundation (FPF) have launched a... Read More

The CA Legislature has Left Town… But Gun Rights are Still at Risk

The 2015-2016 California Legislative Session is finally over and they can’t create any more new laws until January of 2017. But before they left, they passed a slew of bills up to Governor Brown, which are now awaiting either his signature or veto. That means... Read More

Mizzou Football Coach Expects Players to Leave Their Rights at the Door

On an SEC conference call Wednesday, Missouri head football coach Barry Odom announced that players are not allowed to legally own a gun while a member of the team. Sports writer Matthew Stevens tweeted: Missouri head coach Barry Odom says his players are prohibited to... Read More

The EU’s Big Plan to Tighten Gun Control has Hit a Major Roadblock

Swiss gun rights proponents are now complaining this could disarm thousands of law-abiding citizens and that it would encroach on Switzerland's heritage and national identity that includes a well-armed citizenry.... Read More

We Knew this Would Happen

can just hear the debates now: “If the center determined that you need to turn in all of your guns, then they must be right.” They will shove this propaganda down our throats bill after bill, year after year.... Read More

Gary Johnson would Support Teachers who want to Keep Guns in Classrooms

“If a teacher would deem that to avail the classroom of potentially being secure, or if the teacher were to deem that something that within their own purview they might prevent an atrocity if it were to occur, I would support the teacher in wanting... Read More

Smith & Wesson Seen Profiting From Gun Boom

"The gun industry has not had a chance to catch its breath amid the current buying frenzy," C.L. King & Associates analyst Scott Stember wrote in a report this week. "As seen in prior cycles, one could even argue that the severity of the pullback... Read More

UC Davis Begins Nation’s 1st Gun Violence Research Center

“We are not against research at all, but research has to be objective,” DeLuz said. “Treating firearms or firearm violence like a disease is completely wrong because it removes the component of human behavior.”... Read More

‘My Friends Like to Knit. I Like to Shoot’: Seniors Fuel Gun Sales

People 65 and older make up one of the most solidly growing demographics for the firearms industry. They’re acquiring guns and getting training — for recreational target practice and a perceived need for self-protection.... Read More