Twerk to End Gun Violence Protests the Return on Congress

The group danced to hits like Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor” and handed out Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence flyers, which read “While you were out: 4,500 people died from gun violence.”... Read More

Washington AG Proposes Ban on AR-15s, High-Capacity Magazines

“I have a duty to protect the public, as well as uphold the constitution. My proposal will ban some of the deadliest weapons, while respecting the Second Amendment right to bear arms.”... Read More

Does this Gun Make Me Look Fat? Firearms Spur Fashion Niche

"Women need to know they can carry effectively," Lightfoot said. "I think the key is finding a way to carry it so you can be comfortable and move through your day without being poked and having a big hunk of metal in your pants and... Read More

House GOP Leader Vows Punishment Coming for Democrats over Gun Sit-In

"There are numerous rules that were broken. That's not the way a democracy works and I think you will see appropriate measure taken in the very near future," McCarthy told reporters in the Capitol, adding, "Are you going to let the House stand with that... Read More

Urge Governor Brown’s Signature on Pro-Gun, Pro-Civil Rights SB 443

Did you know that if you or one of your family members are merely suspected of being involved in certain crimes, your private property, including your firearms, can be permanently seized without due process? This scary process is called civil asset forfeiture. As a civil... Read More

Sale of Firearms that Use Bullet Buttons Surge Ahead of New California Gun Law

"The whole anti-gun movement, taking guns from citizens, literally has everyone and their grandmother buying firearms before they can't get them anymore because they want to be able to be protected," Lapinski said.... Read More

Gun Licenses in Indiana Outpacing Last Year

The numbers do, though, show a clear increase in the number of Hoosiers who want the option to carry a handgun in public. In the first three months of 2016, the state approved more than 50,000 carry permits, more than half of the total number... Read More

Gun Advocates Speak out Against Virginia’s Carry Ban

Gun rights supporters are coming out of the woodwork to oppose Gov. McAuliffe’s ban on concealed carry. Via ABC News: Gun rights advocates blasted Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s move to ban concealed handguns in state-owned office buildings Wednesday, saying the governor’s actions jeopardize public safety. “Gun-free... Read More

Bill Passes that could Make California Concealed Carry Permits Unaffordable

AB 450 is McCarty’s most recent attempt to jump on the ‘gut-and-amend everything into a gun bill’ bandwagon,” Craig J. DeLuz, director of communications with the Firearms Policy Coalition, told Guns. com. “In this bill he has managed to create an almost illegible and legally... Read More

New Orleans City Council Committee Passes Gun Regulations Ordinance

New Orleans is quickly implementing California-style gun laws in response to a shooting… Via NOLA: The City Council’s criminal justice committee on Wednesday (Aug. 31) approved an ordinance aimed at stemming the flow of stolen guns in New Orleans by requiring people to report their... Read More