2A Nightmare: Pro-Gun Speech Red Flagged, Student Forced into Psychological Evaluation

Back in September, we brought you the story of a New Jersey high school student, Frank Harvey, who was suspended after school officials found a thumb drive containing an anti-gun control video he made for a class presentation. In follow-up stories Harvey’s mother, Mary Vervan,... Read More

Washington Times: Gun Regulation Proposals Converge on New Mexico Legislature

The battle is brewing in New Mexico. Via Washington Times: Currents in the national debate over gun regulations are converging on New Mexico as the state Legislature prepares to meet. A Republican state lawmaker pre-filed legislation this week to allow people to carry a concealed... Read More

Guns.com: WaPo Ranks ‘Gun Control’ as Winning Political Issue in 2016

It worked so well for Hillary… Via Guns.com: The Washington Post ranked gun control as a winning issue for Democrats after last year’s election saw ballot initiatives pass in three of the four states they were proposed, but recent happenings may undermine that success in... Read More

TAKE ACTION: CA Gov. Brown’s Budget May Steal Gun Owner Money

After 898 bills officially became law only five days ago, next Tuesday, January 10th, is the first important date on California’s legislative calendar. It is the day that Governor Brown introduces his budget for the next year. But even more importantly for us, it is... Read More

More California Anti-Gun Regulations Are Coming…

In the past week, the California Department of Justice (DOJ)  released their proposed regulations regarding “assault weapons,” and we were the first to let you know.  Our policy and legal teams are currently analyzing these proposals. We also saw DOJ release emergency regulations on “large... Read More

The Blaze: Anti-gun Activists Won’t Be Happy about Eagles QB Carson Wentz’s Christmas Gift to his Offensive Line

“Anti-gun activists are already creating an uproar about the gifts, expressing concern that NFL teams have been marred by a handful of players who have run into problems with the law.” Via The Blaze: The rookie quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles decided this holiday season... Read More

Guns.com: Annapolis Resident Files Suit Seeking to Overturn Local Ban on Tasers

Great coverage of our lawsuit against Annapolis, Maryland! Via Guns.com: An Maryland man is taking Annapolis officials to federal court over their stun gun prohibition, arguing the city’s ban on the devices is in violation of his Second Amendment rights. The suit, filed in U.S. District... Read More

LA Times: At L.A.-Area Gun Store, Chinese Immigrants Exercise an Unfamiliar Right to Bear Arms

It is great to see new Americans and soon-to-be Americans enjoy their Second Amendment rights! Via LA Times: Private gun ownership is generally banned in China. So when Chinese immigrants arrive in the U.S., many are curious about owning firearms… …In Los Angeles, Chinese immigrants frequent Gun... Read More

It’s Official: Brown Nominates Anti-Gun Becerra as CA AG

It’s official: As of a few minutes ago, Governor Brown has nominated anti-gun Xavier Becerra to fill the shoes of Kamala Harris. And the only good news to come out of this is the fact the Harris will no longer be AG. While we may not... Read More

Gun Rights at Risk as OR Legislature Returns Next Week

The Oregon State Legislature is back in session in one week and former New York Mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg is going to want what he paid for in Oregon; gun control. You see, when Michael Bloomberg and other wealthy elitists intervened in Oregon elections... Read More