A Giuliani Cabinet Appointment Would Mean Confusion for Senate Republicans

Would you support Giuliani for a cabinet position even though he has historically been a gun control advocate? Via President-elect Donald Trump is rumored to be considering Rudy Giuliani for a cabinet position, a move that has onlookers questioning how Republicans in the Senate... Read More

Prop 63 Passed… Help Us Beat It

We fought the battle of the century over the last year. Once Gavin Newsom announced Prop 63 – AKA the Ammo Ban, we made our stand. In conjunction with groups like the California Rifle and Pistol Association and Gun Owners of California, we were able... Read More
Concealed Carry Arizona AG: Tucson may be Breaking State Law by Destroying Guns

“He said there is statewide interest in preserving the right to bear arms, regulating firearms to preserve public safety, regulating police departments and ensuring that cities do not waste “resources that could generate revenue.” Via Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich says the city of... Read More

CBS LA: LGBTQ Gun Club Reports Rising Membership in Wake of Orlando Nightclub Shooting

Our friends at the Pink Pistols have seen their membership expand rapidly. Via CBS LA: An LGBTQ gun club reported that it has seen a spike in membership in the wake of the Orlando nightclub shooting that left 49 people dead last summer. According to... Read More

The Temple News: Educating People about Second Amendment Rights in North Philly, Beyond

“During his tour and workshops in Philadelphia, Toure said he will give attendees a “philosophical understanding” of the Second Amendment, attempting to explain its meaning, dispel any myths and also share conflict de-escalation techniques.” Via The Temple News: One night at the Eagle Bar on... Read More

Urge Donald Trump to Follow Through and Appoint a Pro2A Justice to the Supreme Court

The last Election Day changed the course of the Second Amendment. A Hillary Clinton win would’ve put it on the path to extinction. It would’ve put in place a Congress that was hell bent on destroying our fundamental rights. And it would’ve left the Supreme Court... Read More

Washington Times: Sandy Hook Families Appeal Dismissal of Lawsuit Against Gun Manufacturer

They won’t take no for an answer… Via Washington Times: The families of some of the victims killed in the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School appealed on Tuesday the dismissal of their wrongful death lawsuit against firearms manufacturer Remington Arms. Seeking to... Read More
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Breitbart: How Donald Trump Could End Numerous Gun Controls in CA, IL, NY, and NJ

With a simple national reciprocity bill on his desk, President-elect Donald Trump could rescind countless anti-gun measures from across the country in fiercely anti-gun states such as California and New York. National reciprocity would preempt each state’s own anti-gun laws and allow law abiding gun... Read More

KIRO: WA Voters Approve Initiative 1491 Allowing Temporary Suspension of Firearms Access

I-1491 is just the first piece of Bloomberg’s agenda for Washington and the West Coast. Via KIRO: Voters approved a measure to reduce gun violence by taking firearms away from people who are found by a judge to be a danger to themselves or others.... Read More Chicago Suburb Referendum Vote: Abolish the Second Amendment

Just when you thought gun control could not get any more ridiculous in Chicago… Via A Chicago suburb voted last week to abolish the Second Amendment. The non-binding referendum was put on the ballot after Oak Park resident Piergiorgio “George” Uslenghi collected the 15... Read More