Alert: Oppose Anti-Gun Calif. Senate Bill 707 (CCW Ban); Hearing Set For April 27

** GUN RIGHTS ALERT ** On Monday, April 27, 2015 the California Senate Committee on Appropriations will meet and hear the anti-gun Senate Bill 707. Everyone who supports ‘campus carry’ and the Second Amendment right to bear arms should immediately TAKE ACTION to oppose the bill.... Read More

ALERT: Call TX Rep. Herrero TODAY and tell him to schedule pro-freedom bill HB 3884!

** TEXAS FREEDOM ALERT ** On behalf of Knife Rights (an FPC partner civil rights organization), Texas State Representative Harold Dutton (D-5) introduced HB 3884, a pro-freedom measure to repeal the ban on ALL so-called “illegal knives” listed in Texas statute. HB 3884, when passed... Read More

Civil Rights Groups Urge the Calif. Supreme Court to Affirm Legality of Common Pocketknives

A legal brief urging the California Supreme Court to rule that common, non-locking Swiss Army knives and similar pocketknives are not illegal ‘dirks’ or ‘daggers’ was filed Monday afternoon, the Knife Rights Foundation reports. George M. Lee, a partner at the San Francisco law firm... Read More
STOP AB 1134

California Legislative Update: April 10, 2015

Numerous California bills that affect your rights are up for hearing, as shown below. Upcoming Legislative Hearings: April 14: Assembly Public Safety Committee QUIRK, Chair 9 a.m. – State Capitol, Room 126 AB 84 (OPPOSE): DNA collection and database for violators of some gun laws AB 950 (SUPPORT): Allows... Read More

California: Anti-CCW Bill AB 1134 Passed to Assembly Floor — OPPOSE NOW!

Earlier today, the California Assembly Public Safety Committee passed the anti-CCW bill AB 1134. The bill did not escape serious scrutiny, however. Following tough testimony by Firearms Policy Coalition spokesperson Craig DeLuz, even Committee Chair Bill Quirk (D-Hayward) had pointed questions for the bill’s author (Assembly... Read More

California: Assembly Floor Alerts for AB 1134 and AB 267 (April 7, 2015)

Today, Firearms Policy Coalition submitted the following Assembly Floor Alerts: California Assembly Bill 267 (Jones-Sawyer) – SUPPORT California Assembly Bill 1134 (Stone) – OPPOSE Please use FPC’s powerful Take Action Tools to voice your opinion on these measures.... Read More

California Sheriffs Attack Carry License Applicants in AB 1134

Earlier today, sources confirmed that California’s sheriffs, through their California State Sheriffs’ Association, are behind the anti-CCW Assembly Bill 1134. AB 1134 is an outright attack on the carry license (“CCW”) application process, a new burden on applicants, and a blatant attempt to overturn the Los... Read More

Why You Should Join FPC and Support “Protecting Liberty”

As you might already be aware, Firearms Policy Coalition is a proud supporter of Billy Johnson’s Protecting Liberty film project. We’re even going to donate up to $10 for every new and renewal FPC membership through April 29 to help fund the documentary’s production. Our... Read More

URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Florida SB 176 (Campus Carry) stalled in Senate Judiciary Committee

An urgent alert from our friends at Florida Carry: The Judiciary Committee Chair, Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla, refuses to calendar the campus carry bill. The college campus carry bill, SB 176, is now stalled in the Senate Judiciary Committee. The committee is under bombardment... Read More

BREAKING: NJ Gov. Chris Christie Pardons Shaneen Allen

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has granted a pardon to Shaneen Allen, whose 2013 arrest and prosecution for mistakenly having a handgun in her car generated a massive public outcry over her treatment and the Garden State’s strict gun laws. Allen was properly licensed to carry the gun in her... Read More