South Dakota Capitol

South Dakota gun laws and how they compare nationally

South Dakota has a favorable image in the eyes of many Second Amendment supporters, and aggravates many gun-controllers. Lisa Cunningham for Newsmax examines how different states rank through the eyes of gun control advocates: Gun laws in South Dakota’s are considered weak by some pro-gun... Read More
Police Officer Gun

University of Rhode Island police to carry guns

Campus police at the University of Rhode Island (URI) will soon begin carrying firearms in an effort to provide for faster armed response in potential future crises. NECN reports: The move to arm police came after a false alarm in 2013, when some students in a lecture hall thought... Read More
Domestic abusers are being asked to turn in firearms

Domestic violence gun policy hits Dallas County

Dallas County has recently begun implementing a new policy hoping to help limit gun violence. Dallas’s KFDA NewsChannel 10 reports: A new policy being implemented in Dallas County is allowing law enforcement to confiscate guns from convicted abusers, subjects of permanent protective orders, and anyone seeking bond... Read More
Sen Julie Morrison (D-Deerfield)

Warning and call to action for Illinois residents

The attacks on 2A rights continue in Illinois, as Sen. Morrison pushes SB 2130 a bill to radically increase gun regulation, controlling what firearms residents would be able to possess. John Richardson notes on his blog No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money: In the wake... Read More
Blueprints for 3D Gun

Cody Wilson, who posted gun instructions online, sues State Department

In 2013, Cody Wilson published information on how to create a 3D printable firearm online and was told by the State Department that he must remove the information. Now, Wilson is suing the government on 1st Amendment grounds claiming they attempted to restrict his free... Read More
Oppose SB 678

Help us STOP the “smart gun” bill before it becomes the next Handgun Roster requirement!

California Senate Bill 678 has been scheduled to be heard by the Senate Committee on Appropriations. We need your help to kill this so-called “smart gun” bill before it advances to the Senate floor! SB 678 would, among other things, force the California Department of Justice to... Read More

SAF Sues Feds Over Censorship Of 3-D Firearms Printing Information

BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation today joined Defense Distributed of Austin, Texas, in filing a federal lawsuit against Secretary of State John Kerry, the Department of State and other federal officials, seeking to stop the Government’s unconstitutional censorship of information related to the... Read More
Oklahoma legislature

Oklahoma bill allowing worker to carry gun in schools heads to governor

The Oklahoma legislature has passed a bill that would allow for an armed security guard in Oklahoma schools. Tulsa’s Channel 8 News reports: Gov. Mary Fallin’s desk is the next stop for legislation that allows a school district to designate a school worker with firearms training... Read More
Garland Texas Shooters

Add Garland attackers to list of names that prove background checks don’t work recently pointed out new evidence that background checks do not always accomplish their stated goal. The article found that: On May 5 2015 CNN reported that the two gunmen who attacked Garland’s Curtis Culwell Center acquired their guns “legally.” The use of the word “legally”... Read More

Gun bans aimed for some Nashville, Memphis parks despite law

Tennessee recently passed a law that prevents bans on the rights of individuals to carry firearms in public parks, but Dave Boucher for the Tennessean reports: City officials in Nashville and a massive event organizer in Memphis say they plan to still prohibit guns at certain... Read More