Martin Luther

A Martin Luther Of Gun Rights?

Brian Anse Patrick, a professor at the University of Toledo drew an interesting analogy about a recent event in gun rights. He wrote: Beware the priest who posts theses on cathedral doors. Authorities should probably have learned this lesson long ago, but apparently Authority is... Read More
Beth Hegarty, a Sandy Hook Elementary School mother

Hundreds march across Brooklyn Bridge for stricter gun laws

Verena Dobnik for the Associated Press reported today: Hundreds of men, women and children including fashion designer Donna Karan marched across the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday demanding stricter gun laws and offering a litany of violent stories to show why such laws are needed. Held... Read More

What’s the point California’s illegal gun blacklist?

Brendan Pringle for noted today: It’s a rare occasion when the Washington Post and Reason Magazine agree on anything, but the absurdity of California’s gun policy had both media outlets buzzing recently. While other states prohibit gun ownership for felons, those committed for mental... Read More
Glock firearm

Colorado Thunderdome 2015: Rocky Mountain Gun Owners vs. everyone

John Tomasic for Colorado Independent wrote yesterday: In mid-April, bipartisan members of a House committee shot down six bills meant to thin gun-safety laws in Colorado. It was an oddly subdued twelve-hour affair that stretched past midnight. Gone were the impassioned gun-rights supporters that packed the Capitol in... Read More
Cody Wilson

Freedom of speech and gun rights are one and the same

Stephen Nemo for Communities Digital News wrote today on some issues at stake in the Defense Distributed’s pending lawsuit against the State Department, saying: Cody Wilson, founder of Defense Distributed and creator of the Liberator, says his non-profit organization exists “to collaboratively produce, publish, and... Read More
STOP AB 1134

California Anti-CCW Assembly Bill 1134 Moving Forward in the Senate

Assembly Bill 1134 — a bill that would allow California’s sheriffs and police chiefs to make it even harder for you to apply for and be granted a license to carry a handgun (“CCW”) — was referred to the Senate Committee on Public Safety yesterday.... Read More
US Stamped 1911

House advances amendment to sell military surplus 1911s through CMP

Congress is considering an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act which could see the transfer of military surplus handguns to civilians. Chris Eger for writes: An add-on to the upcoming National Defense Authorization Act that passed committee includes a plan to transfer the... Read More
Image: U.S. Senator Sanders holds news conference after announcing his candidacy for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, on Capitol Hill in Washington

The exception to Bernie Sanders’ liberalism

Democratic White House hopeful, Bernie Sanders, may cause some concern among liberals due to his voting record on gun rights. Whether or not these views are sincere or merely political remains unclear. MSNBC reported today: ….The Vermont senator has a bold, progressive vision, and is prepared to... Read More
Former Democratic Congresswoman Giffords

Gabby Giffords: Guns, restraining orders don’t mix

Gabby Giffords, a gun control advocate and former Congresswoman, is coming out in support of Delaware legislation to ensure that individuals subject to restraining orders immediately turn over their firearms. USA Today reports: Giffords has called for stricter gun laws in states and at the... Read More
Firearm Sale

Federal judge tosses lawsuit challenging expanded gun background checks in Washington state

Gene Johnson for the Associated Press reports: SEATTLE — A federal judge on Thursday threw out a lawsuit challenging parts of Washington state’s new law expanding background checks on gun transfers, saying gun rights activists couldn’t challenge it because they aren’t being prosecuted for violating... Read More