Rep. Steve Scalise (R-Jefferson)

Scalise bill to ease interstate gun sales labeled dangerous by gun control advocate

Bruce Alpert for reported today: WASHINGTON – House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-Jefferson, has introduced legislation that would make it easier for licensed gun dealers to sell guns to out-of-state buyers. But a leading gun control advocate says the legislation “would make it even more difficult... Read More
Harrisburg Capitol dome (Photo credit: AP)

Annual gun rights rally draws hundreds to Pa. Capitol

The Associated Press reported today: HARRISBURG, Pa. —A few hundred gun rights activists brought their message to what has become an annual event at the state Capitol, urging lawmakers on Tuesday to protect their right to keep and own firearms and to widen legal protections.... Read More
Man w/ Handgun

Oregon governor signs bill requiring background check on nearly all gun buyers

Reuters reported today on the new background check law in Oregon: The Oregon Firearms Safety Act expands background check requirements, already in place at stores and gun shows in the state, to include person-to-person and online gun sales. “The bill provides a common-sense approach to... Read More

Politics of Guns: ‘Prosecutors Against Gun Violence’ attacks Senator Cornyn’s National Right-To-Carry Reciprocity Bill

U.S. Senator John Cornyn’s (R-TX) Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2015 (S. 498, and its sister bill H.R. 923) is a new piece of legislation in Congress that would allow persons who are “entitled and not prohibited from carrying a concealed firearm in his... Read More
Gun Appreciation Day

Parent group wants to make Mich. schools gun-free zones

Fearing future school shootings, anti-gun movements continue to push for more stringent gun control policies across the nation. Virginia Gordan for Michigan Radio News reports: Dr. Sonya Lewis is spearheading a statewide petition, urging the legislature to get rid of what some call the... Read More

BREAKING: Calif. SB 678 “Smart Gun” Bill Stalls in Appropriations Committee

Thanks to the efforts of thousands of dedicated gun owners who Took Action at FPC’s and your Firearms Policy Coalition Direct Advocacy Division, California Senate Bill 678 stalled in the Senate Committee on Appropriations earlier this afternoon. SB 678 was referred to the Committee’s “suspense file” due to the bill’s... Read More
Rick Bailey

Arizona Navy vet gets guns back, thanks SAF

The Second Amendment Foundation announced today that a retired Navy veteran has had his firearms returned after they were taken by police. PR Newswire reported: SAF had intervened in the case of Glendale resident Rick Bailey early last month, taking on funding of the case... Read More
Patrolman Frank Pascale

After much debate, URI campus police now carry firearms

The Providence Journal noted yesterday that the University of Rhode Island has followed through and begun arming its campus police. Lynn Arditi writes: Twenty-six armed officers assigned to the one-square-mile campus now carry the same type of handguns issued to most municipal and state police. The... Read More
Framing the question

Framing the question on gun violence

Often our perceptions and bias are evident in our arguments for gun rights or gun control. Greg Camp for writes a little about the framing of arguments: The debate over gun rights vs. gun control often gets mired in a battle of statistics….and while... Read More
Oppose SB 678

California: “Smart Gun” Bill SB 678 Hearing TOMORROW

Senate Bill 678, a bill that would create a new state-mandated “smart gun technology” exploration committee and DOJ reports on feasibility, is scheduled to be heard by the Senate Committee on Appropriations TOMORROW (Monday, May 11). We need your help to kill Senate Bill 678 in the... Read More