Northrup v. Toledo

Northrup v. Toledo: Why a Lawfully-Carried Handgun is Like a Wallet

Last Wednesday, the federal Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit issued its decision in the case of Shawn Northrup v. City of Toledo Police Department, a case about one man’s lawful open carry of handguns and the police officers’ response to his exercise of... Read More
NRA Eddie Eagle Program

Louisiana legislation would teach schoolchildren gun safety

Sam Rolley for wrote today: Following the unspeakable tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, gun control advocates have routinely attempted to promote anti-2nd Amendment legislation as necessary to protect children in the U.S. A new bill making its way through the Louisiana... Read More
Assembly Republican-Dysfunction

Assembly kills measure allowing concealed guns at colleges

Riley Snyder for the Associated Press reported today: Nevada lawmakers have defeated a measure that would have allowed holders of concealed-weapon permits to bring guns onto college campuses and led to one elected official storming off the Assembly floor. Assembly members voted 18-24 Thursday to... Read More

Help FPC stop anti-gun Senate Bill 347!

WHAT: SENATE BILL 347 Anti-gun Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson’s Senate Bill 347 would add several new non-violent technical offenses to the list of misdemeanors for which there would be a 10-year prohibition on the possession or acquisition of firearms. It would also increase the number of... Read More
ATF Bikers Waco

ATF arrives on scene in Waco as weapon count fluctuates

Chris Eger for wrote an update on the Waco biker shootout, reporting that, Authorities have revised the count of weapons recovered from this weekend’s biker battle down from over 1,000 to 318 as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has arrived to... Read More
Panera Bread Guard

Guards will no longer carry guns at Nashville Panera

A Panera Bread Co. store has been suffering criticism lately, after customers complained about the presence of armed guards in the parking lot of a gun-free store. Andy Cordan for WKRN News reports: Starting Thursday, the armed security guard at Panera Bread Co. across from... Read More

DC loss for gun control puts New York City’s laws at risk

The recent court decision against D.C.’s gun control laws could reach beyond well beyond one city. Seth Lipsky for the New York Post reports: Short work was made of the question this week by US District Judge Frederick J. Scullin Jr. He struck down DC’s... Read More
Police Caution Tape

Couple scares off home invaders

Guns save lives and protect property. This is one of the reasons why we have a Second Amendment. Larry Stanford for the Thomaston Times reports: Two suspects in a home invasion on Trice Cemetery Road on April 13 got a rude welcome when they returned... Read More
Parking Lot

Armed robber targets medical patient, who pulls own gun on him

Fox 4 News reports: A robber, armed with a gun, targets a dialysis patient outside a medical building. He had some second thoughts after he meets the would-be victim who is carrying a gun himself. It was 4:45 Monday morning. The 49-year-old patient from Waterford... Read More
Suppressed handgun

VT & Minn. Suppressor Bills (H. 5 & S.F. 878) awaiting Gov. signatures!

Two critical bills are awaiting approval by the governors of Vermont and Minnesota, respectively:   Minnesota Senate File 878 would, among other things, amend current law to recognize that suppressors lawfully possessed under federal law are lawful in Minnesota and provides a definition for what... Read More