Capitol Bathroom

Capitol Police set for toilet training after breaking ‘rule number one,’ leaving guns in lavatories

Chad Pergram for Fox News reported this week on a series of incidents involving Capitol Police officers. He writes, “Controlling your weapon …” mused an incredulous Rep. Rich Nugent, R-Fla., at a Wednesday hearing, probing why three U.S. Capitol Police officers mistakenly left their loaded service... Read More
Richard Martinez

Isla Vista victim’s dad devotes life to curbing “gun violence”

Since his son’s death last year, Richard Martinez has dedicated much of his life to advancing gun control legislation across the nation. Noreen O’Donnell for NBC San Diego reports: The former criminal defense lawyer who once gave little thought to the number of people shot in... Read More
Firearm with Suppressor

Despite veto threat, Minnesota Gov. approves bill that legalizes use of gun suppressors

Adam Uren for reports: Despite previously suggesting he would veto it, Gov. Mark Dayton today passed a public safety bill that includes legalizing the use of firearm suppressors in Minnesota. The measure was one of four bills the governor signed Friday, put forward by the Senate... Read More

California: 4 gun control bills will live or die next week — OPPOSE THEM NOW!

WHAT: TAKE ACTION and help FPC stop these 4 anti-gun bills before they pass out of the Appropriations Committee next week: Senate Bill 347: Adds new firearm prohibitions, expands APPS Senate Bill 707: Eliminates CCW exemption to “Gun-Free School Zone Act” Senate Bill 678: Would mandate DOJ... Read More

An iPhone is Not Body Armor

Adam Westlake of reports: There is a growing trend of YouTube videos where recently released mobile devices, like new iPhones and Samsung Galaxies, get shot by weapons such as sniper rifles and shotguns, all while being filmed with precision cameras, allowing us to see... Read More

Law enforcement using social media to find illegal guns

Rick Montanez for ABC 30 News reports: Gang officers around the Valley are taking more illegal guns off the streets, and they say they’re finding them posted by criminals on social media. “We’re looking for gang members posting things about guns or being involved in... Read More
The offensive advertisement

Dealership’s gun promotion creates backlash

A Minnesota car dealership has received heavy criticism from a local gun control group. Fox 21 reported: Buy a car and get a lawnmower or handgun for free. It’s a promotion that’s caused quite the uproar for Cloquet Ford Chrysler Center. Owner Al Birman said the... Read More
NRA Gathers In Houston For 2013 Annual Meeting

Bill would require background checks for private sales at gun shows

Lydia Wheeler for The Hill reported on Tuesday, regarding a new piece of legislation in Congress that would require gun show operators to provide information on their venders to the attorney general. She writes: A House Democrat has introduced legislation that would require sellers to... Read More
Florida Gov. Rick Scott

Gov. Scott signs Florida emergency concealed carry bill

Chris Eger for reports: It will now be legal for gun owners in the Sunshine State to temporarily carry concealed handguns without a permit during periods when the sun isn’t shining so bright. Now law is a measure to allow law-abiding citizens without concealed... Read More
Waco shooting

Waco shooting about crime — not racism, sexism, and gun control

James Heiser, writing for The New American, broke down some fallacies in the reporting of the Waco shootings. He reports: The stunning violence that erupted last weekend between rival biker gangs at a restaurant in Waco, Texas, has proven once again that almost any tragedy... Read More