CGF: The Silvester v. Harris (10-Day Waiting Period Case) Appeal – Part III: The Plaintiffs/Appellees Fire Back in Defense of Your Second Amendment Gun Rights

CGF reports again on the Silvester v. Harris case: Defendant/Appellant California Attorney General Kamala Harris had her chance to explain why she believes the original ruling in favor of Second Amendment rights should be overturned, and now it’s our turn to respond. When an appellate... Read More
Armatix Smart Gun

Forbes contributor: mandates for gun technology are stupid

Frank Miniter, a contributer for Forbes, writes: The Handgun Trigger Safety Act introduced on June 2 by Sen. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) and Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) is designed to be a smart political tactic—it even tries to mandate we use “smart guns”—but it is anything... Read More

Washington state anti-gun group targets House Democrats

Joel Connelly for Seattle P-I reports: The movement that passed Initiative 594, requiring criminal background checks for gun purchasers, has a new target in its sights — the Democrats who hold an increasingly narrow majority in the state House of Representatives. They are angry the... Read More UPS revises policy on shipping silencers and suppressors

Chris Eger for reports: Just three weeks after United Parcel Service reiterated its policy against accepting National Firearm Act-compliant suppressors for shipment, the company has reversed its course. In mid-May UPS, commonly also referred to as Brown, became aware of a shipper who was... Read More

BREAKING: Federal Judge Kicks Another Brady Campaign Lawsuit to the Curb (re: Kansas’ Second Amendment Protection Act)

In another not-very-surprising court decision released today, Federal District Court Judge Julie A. Robinson granted Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed against him and Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt by the gun prohibitionists at the Brady Campaign. The Court found that the “Brady Campaign... Read More

The Hill: Republicans wield power of the purse to block Obama’s gun regs

Tim Devaney for The Hill reports: Legislation to fund the Justice Department is chock full of GOP-backed language designed to keep the Obama administration from moving ahead with gun control regulations. The Commerce-Justice-Science appropriations bill, which cruised through the House this week, contains several provisions... Read More

Fox News: Texas gov poised to roll back 140-year-old open carry gun ban

Melissa Jacobs for Fox News reports: The near-certain signing into law of an open-carry gun measure will send Texas back to the days of the Wild West – at least legislatively. The bill, passed by the state Legislature and expected to earn Gov. Greg Abbott’s... Read More
Carol Bowne, victim

New Jersey woman killed while awaiting handgun license

The Courier-Post reports on a recent murder of a New Jersey resident: When Carol Bowne felt the threat of domestic violence, the petite hairdresser took steps to protect herself. The Berlin Township woman got a restraining order against a former boyfriend, installed security cameras and... Read More
Mets wearing orange

Breitbart: Mets pitcher says he was duped into wearing gun control shirt

AWR Hawkins for Breitbart reports: On June 2, Breitbart News reported that the New York Mets joined with Michael Bloomberg and Piers Morgan in a “Wear Orange” push for gun control by publishing photos of the team and staff wearing orange. On June 3, Mets’... Read More

CGF: The Silvester v. Harris (10-Day Waiting Period Case) Appeal – Part II: The Amici in Support of California

A second update from CGF on the current Silvester v Harris case, exploring the Attorney General’s supporting briefs: Amicus curiae (plural: amici) is Latin for “friend of the court.”  As explained by the Cornell University Law School Legal Information Institute, “Frequently, a person or group... Read More