The California Legislature is Back

Just when you thought the attacks on our liberty had ceased, the California Legislature is back TODAY!… And that means they can start introducing bills at any time. We don’t know the exact plans they have been scheming but if last year is any indication,... Read More

Speed Costs Money – Primary & Secondary

Speed costs money, how fast do ya wanna go By Ash Hess (Primary & Secondary – November 5, 2016) With the election upon us, it seems as if everyone now wants to buy, buy, buy firearms and gear “just in case.”  Which is cool, but... Read More

Chicago Tribune: Top Cop Renews Call for Tougher Gun Penalties After Commander Shot At

Yes, because the best way to combat gang violence is to increase the penalties for law-abiding gun owners… It seems like Chicago will never learn. Via Chicago Tribune: Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson renewed his call on Friday for stricter penalties for gun offenders after... Read More

Obama Misfires on Mandated DOJ Smart Gun Report

Over and over gun control advocates have tried to get “smart gun” technology mandated through congress and various state legislatures. But it’s not happening fast enough for them, so President Obama gave it a little push in January when he asked the DOJ to: “[C]onduct... Read More
Gun Free Zone

Springfield News-Leader: Bill Would Let Disarmed Missourians Sue Businesses if Injured in Gun-Free Zones

Under a proposed Missouri bill, businesses that implement gun-free zones would be held liable if a shooting occurred and disarmed law-abiding gun owners were injured. Via Springfield News-Leader: A Republican lawmaker from O’Fallon has filed a bill that would allow law-abiding gun owners to sue... Read More

Breitbart: Kentucky Governor: It Is ‘Delusional’ to Trust in Gun Control

Governor Matt Bevin: “You have a cultural problem, you have a spiritual problem, you have an economic problem. That’s what you have, period. People who want to pretend it’s something that can be legislated, some more government rules are going to fix this, are delusional.... Read More It’s Officially the Biggest Year Ever for Background Checks

And sales will only keep growing in December. Via Federal background checks for gun sales in 2016 hit 24.7 million after another record-breaking month in November. The FBI processed 2,561,281 applications for the National Instant Criminal Background Check System last month — making it... Read More
Concealed Carry

Fox 4: Texas Bill Could Make Getting a Concealed Carry License Free

“We do not believe that citizens in Texas should have to pay for the right to defend themselves,” Stickland said. Via Fox 4: There’s a move by lawmakers to go beyond just reducing the fees to carry a weapon. They feel like there should be... Read More

Meet Xavier Becerra – California’s New Anti-Gun AG

The waiting is over. We now know who California’s next Attorney General will be, and that gun owners can expect the same attacks on fundamental rights from the California Department of Justice they’ve experienced under the reign of Kamala Harris. Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Los Angeles),... Read More

NPR: Sandy Hook Gun Lawsuit Heads to Connecticut Supreme Court

The anti-gunners keep trying to force manufacturers out of business with these lawsuits… Via NPR: Granting the request of relatives of victims of the Newtown school shootings, Connecticut’s Supreme Court has accepted their lawsuit against Remington Arms, maker of the rifle that killed 20 students... Read More