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Bill/Issue: NE LB 58 - Gun Confiscation Without Due Process (ERPO)

  • Position: Opposed
  • Author: Sen. Morfeld (D-46)

Summary: LB 58 would permit any relatives or persons who claims to have an “intimate association” to file with the courts to have a person’s firearms confiscated from them. LB 58 states that justification for filing an ERPO includes possessing a firearm, the legally ambiguous term “stalking”, use of a controlled substance (like alcohol), or recent purchase of a firearm. At no time during this process is the accused notified of the accusations or the pursuant firearm confiscation. This leads to a high potential that the accused will be forced into a dangerous situation wherein the police will raid their house, shoot their dog, and slam them to the ground.

UPDATE: NE L 58 failed in legislature!