Some millennials are willing to fight for something meaningful. 

Via NBC News: 

Dick's Sporting Goods now faces lawsuits in two states — Oregon and Michigan — over its decision to stop selling guns to anyone under 21, a move done in response to last month's Florida school shooting.

Walmart, which announced a similar policy, faces an identical lawsuit in Oregon.

While the retailers say they have no plans to rescind their new policies nationwide, a lawyer involved in the court challenges says he expects to see more suits filed soon in other states.

In both Oregon cases, 20-year-old Tyler Watson of Gold Hill, went to the stores, tried to buy a rifle, and was told he couldn't because of the new ban on selling to anyone under 21.

His lawsuits, filed March 5, claim the stores violated an Oregon law that bans discrimination by places of public accommodation on the basis of nine factors, including age. The law has a few exceptions, allowing for higher age qualifications to buy alcoholic drinks or marijuana and permitting special rates or service to anyone over 50. But there's no exception for firearms.

"I am confident that Walmart and Dick's are violating Oregon's discrimination in public accommodations laws," said Max Whittington, the lawyer who filed the challenges in that state.

"The wording of the statute only has one reasonable interpretation, and that is you cannot discriminate against 18-20 year olds in offering the sale of goods which they're legally allowed to purchase, be they rifles, or any other legal product," he said.

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