A great statistic.

Via NBC News:

Four years ago a man pointed a gun at Ryan Bradley and called him a “white devil.”

Ever since, he’s been passionate about gun rights.

“I never want to be in that situation again,” Bradley, 24, told NBC News. “Luckily, he didn’t shoot me but I can guarantee you if there was any gun laws on the books he would probably still have his gun…”

Millennials are often thought of as more liberal than their older peers, but recent polling shows that they’re less likely than those over 30 to support stricter gun laws.

An October 2015 Gallup poll found that 50 percent of 18-29-year-olds support stricter gun laws compared to 57 percent of those 30-49, 56 percent among those 50-64, and 55 percent among those 65 and older.

This is in contrast to social issues such as sex between unmarried people, having children outside of marriage, and LGBT issues, where younger people skew far more liberal, according to Gallup Poll Editor-in-Chief Frank Newport.

“Millennials are … less interested in gun control than those who are older, so the data suggests it’s unlike a number of other attitudes say like, gay marriage where young people are much more liberal,” he said. “We did not see that in our data on guns.”

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