The Gab is relentless.

Via NBC News: 

Gabby Giffords, the former Arizona Democratic congresswoman who retired after she was shot at a constituent event, is out with a new ad campaign that accuses Virginia Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock of having "failed" to prevent gun violence.

The new spot, Giffords's first of the cycle, is part of a heavy, $1 million investment in the district by her political action committee. The spot relies on Giffords’s narration along with pictures of student activists and signs counting the National Rifle Association's donations to Comstock...

Comstock is no stranger to a tough fight—she's bested serious opposition in each of her two federal elections and argues that she's proven to be a strong representative for her suburban constituents.

Comstock has not made guns a centerpiece of her campaign, but she's pointed to her support for improving background checks as well as the STOP School Violence Act. That measure, among other things, promotes grants for school safety training and improvements, but did not include specific gun control measures.

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